Phra Kring NangPhaYa
Ajahn Sawai Sumano Wat Nangphaya BE2514
Hp +6591330138
Beautiful features and very popular among Thai collectors.
In BE2514 this was the first time ever Wat Nangphaya created Phra Kring amulets. Ajahn Sawai commission the project and lead the main chanting as he was disciple of Wat Suthat and inherited Sangkaraj Pae’s written instructions from Chao Khun Sri Sondh. The written instruction contain details process and formula of making the best quality of Phra Kring amulets.
Ajahn Sawai prepared the best and highest quality of Nur Nawak to make this batch of Phra Kring and the mould was made by Chang Kasem Mongkhon Charoen who was the No. 1 artisan and craftsman of Buddhist Art in Thailand.
It was a big consecration ceremony that many famous monks were invited.
Here were some of the monks who had invited to the consecration ceremony:
LP Ngern, Wat DonYaiHom.
LP Toh, Wat PradooChimPlee.
LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai.
LP Phrom, Wat ChongKae.
LP Pae, Wat PikulThong.
LP Kasem, Wat SusanTrailak.
LP Nak, Wat Rakang.
LP Thop, Wat ChonDaeng.
LP ThongYuk, Wat MaiNongPaong.
LP Nor, Wat KlangTharua.
Ajahn Nam, Wat Donsala.
Ajahn Fun Ajaro, Wat PaUdomSombon.
Phor Tan Klai, Wat Suankan.