LP Moon Ban Wat Jan 
Nang Pim Maek (Sit on the Cloud) 
Roon Maha Som Pattana.BE2543 
Chanted in Wat Chap Lam Yi 
Hp +6591330138.

Luang Phu Moon image on cloud This is a rare Luang Phu Moon amulet collection made with Chomphunoot powder which many legendary in Metta Mahasanae & old sacred concretion and made few pieces, this fascinating piece of. amulet is a worthy amulet collection.There are many devotees of Luang Phu moon include amulet collectors they can feel in supernatural power themselves which good in Metta Mahasanae or someone experience good support trading to success. “Luang Phu Moon Nang Mek” is a name. of this model, created by Luang Phu moon, of Wat Banjarn, Sisaket, is considered an Arahant in Thailand, and his Legend is One of Great renunciation and purity.He is a Master Gaeji Ajarn who is believed to have very powerful Puttakom (Buddha. . Magic power), who lived alone over 40 years in forest.Luang Phu Moon was a monk who possessed various Abhinya Miracle Powers. His amulets are also imbuing with powerfull specially montra in originality branch of knowledge.He is currently one of Thailands most famous Guru. Monks, whose amulets are of the most sought in amulet movement.This amulet good in Mahasanae (powerfull montra in the great charm), Maha Metta (to be greatly loved by others all around), Maha Jamrern (success and continuing prosperity), Mahalarp. . (Great fortune), Maha Phokhasap (able to increase your assets), Serm Duang Chata (reinforce to glory life), Klaew Klaad (free from all harms and protect from all dangers)