Ajahn Chum Chaikiri
Phra Somdej 3 Chan BE2497
Hp +6591330138Blessing Ceremony A total of 84,000 pims were consecrated on the 14th September BE 2497 at Wat Baromothat , Nakhon Sri Thamarat. The ceremony itself was concluded on the 12th October, (Phansa Day) The actual blessing ceremony itself was divided into a number of 7 days periods.

Each 7 day period was used to emphasize a particular attribute, for example
KongGrapan Chatri …Invulnerability (7 days) Maha Ut…Protection from weapons (7 days) Bpong Gan Satraai… Protection from animals (& days) Bpong Gan Rohk Pai Kai Jep… Protection from illness (7 Days) Poot Pee …Protection from malaevolent spirits etc (7 days) Metta Maha Niyom… Kindness, Mercy & Compassion (7 Days) Nayramit Gaai Gamrap Satdtroo… Protection from Black Magic / Enemies etc The ceremony itself was presided over by Jao Khun Prapatmunee, Abbot of Wat Baromothat. In attendance were Ajahn Pan, Ajahn Chum and 108 other sacred monks including amonst others: Ajahn Khun Pan Wat khao Or Luang Por Klai (Wat Suan Khan)Phor Tan Klai Luang Por Opasi (Arsrom Bang Mod) Luang Poo Keaw (Wat Hrong Bon) Luang Por Daeng (Wat Tha Sala) Luang Por Kling (Wat Thalung Thong) Luang Por Pahl (Wat Khao Or) Luang Por Khong (Wat Bahn Suan) Luang Por Dis (Wat Pak Sra) Luang Por Mun (Wat Khao Daeng) Luang Por Song (Wat Chao Fa Sala Loi) Luang Por Peum (Wat Koh Lak) Luang Por Daeng (Wat Khao Bandai It) Luang Por Nguen (Wat Don Yai Hom) Luang Por Tae (Wat Sam Ngam).. etc …. Amulets were made up of numerous sacred components including: Sacred powder – original Pra Somdej Wat Rakhang amulets Sacred powder – original Pra Somdej Wat Bangkhunprom amulets Sacred powder – original Pra Kru Nangtra amulets Sacred powder – original Pra Kru taokrote Sacred powder – origianl Pra Pong Suphan amulets Sacred powder – original amulets / Wat Praroop and Wat Bangkrang Sacred powder – origianl amulets / Wat Nangphya Sacred powder – ancient amulets / Sukhothai province Sacred powder – ancient amulets / Kampangpaet province Sacred powder – ancient amulets / Kanchanaburi province Sacred powder – ancient amulets / Pitsanalok province Sacred powder – ancient Pra Rod, Pra Kong / Lampoon province Sacred powder called Mahawan fron Wat Khao-or, Patalung Province Sacred powder ground from old wrecked Prakru Srivichai amulets Sacred powder from Wat Changhai Sacred powder gathered from 108 Thai Temples One of the more important inclusions was leklai which makes these amulets tremendously powerful.

Lp Nuan Wat Poh Bang Ra Maat


Lp Nuan Wat Poh Bang Ra Maat 
Phra Somdej ProkPoh Pim 5 Chan BE2497-2500
With hand written Yant (Saam-Kasat) on the back.
Hp +65 91330138

Luangpor Nuan was the earlier and senior disciples of Luangpor Parn Wat Bang Nom Koh and he was the one who succeeded in Wicha Krok-Petch from Luangpor Parn.

His Somdej amulets was created from 5 types of sacred powder and mixed with Krok-Petch powder from Luangpor Parn Wat Bang Nom Koh and sacred powder from Luangpor Chong Wat Nar Tang Nork and many more sacred powder.

A Brief Introduction of Luangpor Nuan Wat Poh Bang Ra Maat Thonburi Province.(Merged with Bangkok in 2517)

Prakru Pohthisarakhun or Luangpor Nuan Wat Poh Bang Ra Maat Bangkok is one of the hidden great monk in Thailand. He was born on the 26th of July, year 2432 at SamutSongkraam Province with 10 siblings. He was graduated from Wat Suthat Secondary School in Bangkok. Then he served in the army as an Artillery Platoon Sergeant in Royal Guard Units.

In the year 2471 he was very sick during his service in the army and went to seek help from Luangpor Parn of Wat Bang Nom Koh Ayutthaya Province whom are very famous for healling devotees from any kind of sickness by using his traditional medicine combine with mantra. And he became the deciples of Luangpor Parn after he was healed by him. He began to practice his Wicha under the guidance of Luangpor Parn until the year of 2474 then he resigned from the army to ordained as a Monk at Wat Poh Bang Ra Maat on the 1st of July, 2474. There he continue to learn his Wicha from Luangpor Nim Wat Poh Bang Ra Maat. In order to upgrade himself, Luangpor Nuan also learn Wicha from Luangpor Chong Wat Nar Tang Nork Ayutthaya province around year 2480.

Luangpor Nuan started making powder Amulets with and without hand written yant on the back for the first time in the year of 2482 by using KrokPetch powder created by Luangpor Nuan himself also mixed with old KrokPetch powder from Luangpor Parn Wat Bang Nom Koh and sacred powder from Luangpor Chong Wat Nar Tang Nork and a lot of old fragments Amulets such as Fragments of Somdej Wat Rakang , Wat Plab , Wat RaiKhing and many more.
And for the second time it was made around the year of 2493 and continue made until the year of 2502 by using the same formula powder.

There are many types of Amulets design and different kinds of Yant on the back of the Amulets and were mostly written by Luangpor Nuan’s disciples. They are Luangpor Boonmark Wat Poh and Archan Boonma Samnak Poh Nim Nuan.

Remark : Luangpor Chong was also being invited to join in for the blessing ceremony.

Luangpor Nuan was born on 26th July year 2432
Passed away on 9th April year 2509
Age 78 years old
Ordained in year 2474
Pansa 36

Lp Chaem Wat Don Yai Hom


Lp Chaem Wat Don Yai Hom
Phra Pidta Maha Ut Yant Yung (impenetrability, Yant around body style)
Phim Kang Nur Rae BE2522 (Mineral alloy),
Made 645 Pcs
Come with Prasure Authentic Certificate
Come with Samakom Authentic Certificate
Hp +6591330138

Phra Pidta Maha Ut Yant Yung was created in B.E.2522 and remains the most popular Phra Pidta amulet consecrated by Luang Phor Chaem until today. A total of 3 sizes were created for this batch, namely
1) Phim Yai (large size), 1,145 pieces
2) Phim Kang (medium size), 645 pieces
3) Phim Lek (small size), 1,575 pieces

Many types of mineral was used to create the alloy for this batch of Phra Pidta amulets, resulting in a beautiful surface on many pieces. Many devotees have related their positive experiences when they were wearing the Phra Pidta amulets of this batch.
Due to the low quantity, attractive appearance and positive experiences, these Phra Pidta amulets are usually collected by Wat Donyaihom amulets collectors and also Phra Pidta amulets collectors. They are also almost always featured in major amulets competition categories since many years ago although it is usually very difficult to come across a very beautiful piece due to the traditional technique used to create this amulet (Lor Boran).



Archan SingNgern
Wat Don Sala Phatthalung
Somdej Nak Maha Mongkol BE2525 
Made 2231pcs
Mix with many old metal, takrut and special material

Archan SingNgern Wat DonSaLa, disciple of Archan Pan (Abbot of Wat Kao Or) , Archan Nam (Wat DonSaLa) and Luang Por Lek Wat BpraDooRiang. Master SingNgern is Famous to make metta amulet.

Pra Somdej NakMahaMongKol Ac.SingNgern Wat DonSaLa Phatthalung Year 2525 Pim Lek Made Only 2231 pcs

Grand Ceremony At Wat DonSaLa On 19/06/2525 By Many Monks From KhaoOrr
1.Lp.BoonThong Wat DonSaLa Phatthalung
2.Ac.SiNgern Wat DonSaLa Phatthalung
3.Lp.Kloy Wat PhuKhaoThong Phatthalung
4.Lp.Inn Wat KuanPanTaRarm Phatthalung
5.Lp.Moon Wat KhaoDaeng TawanOrk Phatthalung
6.Lp.Lek Wat PraDuuRiang Phatthalung
7.Lp.Khao Wat KhaoOrr Phatthalung
8.Lp.BoonHai Wat SunTraWart Phatthalung
9.Ac.Chaeng PetChaRart Phatthalung