Phra Kring Naresuan Nur Nawat Loha BE2522


🤩🤩🤩1 of The Greatest Phra Kring 🤩🤩🤩

Super Nice Skin , Red Red

Phra Kring Naresuan Nur Nawat Loha BE2522
Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat (Wat Yai)
Win 1st Prize Chaeng Wattana 2562
Hp +6591330138

Made by Phitsanulok Buddhist Association

Mass Chanted by
Lp Sim WatThamnaphom
Lp Pae Wat Pikultong
Lp Uttama Wat Wang Wiwekaram
Lp Waen Wat Doi Mae Pang
Lp Toh Wat Pradochimplee
Lp Dunn Wat Buraparam
Lp Kasem Wat Susan Sahlahwangthan
Lp Prommachak Wat Phra Phutthabat
Lp Koon Wat Ban Rai
Lp Luang Wat Pa Samran Niwat
Lp Chantra Wat Pa Khao Noi
Lp Phut Wat Pa Salawan
and many more ….

Lp Toh Wat Pradoochimplee


Lp Toh Wat Pradoochimplee
Phra Chaiwat Saifa Nur Nawat BE2520
Hp +6591330138

Win 2nd Prize Chaeng Wattana 7 Apr 62
Win 1st Prize Chaeng Wattana 16 Jun 62
Win 2nd Prize Chaeng Wattana 18 July 62
Come with Samakom Authentic Certificate

Phra Kring Saifa made and consecrated in B.E.2520 (C.E.1977) by Luang Pu Toh of Wat Pradoochimplee is one of the most popular Phra Kring ever created by Luang Pu Toh. Luang Pu Toh was invited to create this batch of Phra Kring and Phra Chaiwat Saifa to raise funds for the construction of a Buddha statue at Wat Sawang Arom at Chachoengsao Province. Phra Kring and Phra Chaiwat Saifa were actually made in Wat Suthat using the Nawa Loha formula passed down from Somdej Phra Sangkaraj Pae for making Phra Kring. The mixture also include various Kring and Rian made by Sangkaraj Pae himself as well as many leftover metal sheets by Sangkaraj Pae in Wat Suthat. Only a total number of 2020 sets of Phra Kring and Phra Chaiwat Saifa were created and every piece was stamped with only one code at the base. The consecration ceremony was held at the main Ubosot of Wat Suthat on the full moon night of the 12th month of B.E.2520. The name “Sai Fa” which means lightning, derived as there was a flash of lightning that striked down to the consecration ceremony area while Luang Pu Toh was blessing these amulets.



Lp Hong Wat Petchburi
Phra Kring Surin BE2543
Nur Thongdeang

Come with Original Temple Box
Unworn and very nice condition
Hp +6591330138

Lp BoonChuay Wat Klang Bang Kaew


Lp BoonChuay Wat Klang Bang Kaew
Phra Chaiwat Pim Tor BE2557
Hp +6591330138

Above piece is consider 2nd Batch Phra Chaiwat Lp Boon Wat Klang Bang Kaew , using the same ancient method of pouring mould

Mass Chanted by about 40 Keji , such as
Lp BoonChuay Wat Klang Bang Kaew
Lp Pherm Wat Pom Keow
Lp Poon Wat Ban Paen
Lp La Orr Wat Phrom Ni Mit
Lp Fu Wat Bang Sak Mak
Lp Ray Wat Ta Ko
and many others …




Phra Kring NangPhaYa
Ajahn Sawai Sumano Wat Nangphaya BE2514
Hp +6591330138
Beautiful features and very popular among Thai collectors.
In BE2514 this was the first time ever Wat Nangphaya created Phra Kring amulets. Ajahn Sawai commission the project and lead the main chanting as he was disciple of Wat Suthat and inherited Sangkaraj Pae’s written instructions from Chao Khun Sri Sondh. The written instruction contain details process and formula of making the best quality of Phra Kring amulets.
Ajahn Sawai prepared the best and highest quality of Nur Nawak to make this batch of Phra Kring and the mould was made by Chang Kasem Mongkhon Charoen who was the No. 1 artisan and craftsman of Buddhist Art in Thailand.
It was a big consecration ceremony that many famous monks were invited.
Here were some of the monks who had invited to the consecration ceremony:
LP Ngern, Wat DonYaiHom.
LP Toh, Wat PradooChimPlee.
LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai.
LP Phrom, Wat ChongKae.
LP Pae, Wat PikulThong.
LP Kasem, Wat SusanTrailak.
LP Nak, Wat Rakang.
LP Thop, Wat ChonDaeng.
LP ThongYuk, Wat MaiNongPaong.
LP Nor, Wat KlangTharua.
Ajahn Nam, Wat Donsala.
Ajahn Fun Ajaro, Wat PaUdomSombon.
Phor Tan Klai, Wat Suankan.



1st Batch Phra Kring Nur Thong Jang Ko BE2559
Below Silver Base 
Roon Chao Sua Lanna SongKem Chakkapat 
*Stamp with code ” 座山” & serial no.*

Chanted by ard 500 monk ard thailand @ Doi Suthep including Maha Surasak, Kruba Krisada… etc***
Come with Original Temple Box

Phra Kring Wat Yan Nawa BE2547


Phra Kring Wat Yan Nawa BE2547 
Hp +6591330138

Mass Chanted By 99 Monks
1. Somdej Par Maha Tee Rachan Wat Chanasong Kam
2. Lp Thong Wat Jak Ka Wat
3. Lp Ma Wat Pa San Ti Wi Wak
4. Lp Tim Wat Pa Koa
5. Lp Pherm Wat Pom Kaew
6. KB Noi Wat Si Don Moon
7. Aj Tiew Wat Mani Chon Ra Kan
8. Aj Wara Wat Pro Thong
9. KB KridSaNa Am Nak Song Wa Ru Wan & many others



Phra Kring 79 Jaturatid Nur Nawat BE2528
Made 500 pcs Only
Come with Uamulets Authentic Certificate
Hp +6591330138
A Replica of Phra Kring 79 Sangkarat Pae BE2479
Mix with lot of Gold and Mass Chanted by many Monks such as 
LP Uttama Wat Wang Wi Wak Karam
LP Jarun Wat Ampawan
LP Som Ket Wat Sutad
Lp Koon Wat Ban Rai 
LP Pun Chap Wat Ang Si La
LP Yod Wat Kaew Ja Reun
LP Am Noy Wat Sutad and many others

Wat BangKhunPom BE2531


Phra Chaiwat Nur Nawat
Wat BangKhunPom BE2531

Chanted by
1.Somdej Phra Ariyawong Somdej Phra Sangkharaj Wat Rajchabophit
2. Somdej Phra Yannasongworn of Wat Bowornniwet
3. Somdej Phra Pudthakosajarn
4. LP Pern of Wat Bang Phra
5. LP Pae of Wat Pikul Thong
6. LP Nong of Wat Sai Kao
7. LP Uttama of Wat Wang Wiwekaram
8. LP Chaem of Wat Don Yai Hom
9. LP Koon of Wat Ban Rai
10. LP Lamoon of Wat Sadej
11. LP Thuy of Wat Pho Nimit
12. LP Supot of Wat Suthat
13. LP Somchai of Wat Khao Sukim
14. LP Chan of Wat Pa Chairangsi
15. LP Samran of Wat Pakklongmakhamtao
16. Phra Ajahn Chuan Panyatharo