Bucha Phra Putta Phanom Rung




Bucha Phra Putta Phanom Rung
**** VERY RARE ****
Chanted at the Top of Prasat Phanom Rung in Burinam 
19 Apr BE2532
Chanted by Sankaraj Yansanwong and many Esan Monk
Ceremony Host by Royal Highness Princess Phra Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
Made by Fine Arts Department



Phra Chai Pim Chong Keung
Ayutthaya 400 years old
Most Popular Model of all Phra Chai
Win 2nd Prize Phitsalulok 17 July 2559
HP +6591330138

Height 9 Inch
Base 5.5 Inch
Knee to Knee 4 Inch

Phra Putta Sihin Chiang Saen Singh Sam


Phra Putta Sihin Chiang Saen Singh Sam 
700 Years Old 
Size = Knee To Knee 2,5Inch 
High 15cm 
Wide 8cm 
Win 3rd Prize Songkla 23 May 2559
Hp +6591330138

The Eight Eras follow as such;
• Twaaraawadee
• Sri Vichay
• Lopburi
• Chiang Saen
• Sukhothai
• U Tong
• Ayuttaya
• Rattana Kosin

Before considering risking purchasing an a priceless artifact at high prices, one should know enough about the various periodic styles and methods of making Buddhist Artifacts, Votive Tablets and Sculptures. In order to be able to recognize the origins of an Ancient Amulet, sculpture or other Artifact, it t is important to gather some basic knowledge about the different artistic/historical styles and periods which have left their mark or influence on Thai Buddhist art, as they arose and came to pass. I hope that the synopses I shall give of the different Buddha statues will increase your enjoyment of Thai Buddhist sculpture, and that if you visit Thai temples, you will be able to experience a deeper interaction with the Buddhas in our temples, through your increased understanding and ability to recognize the identity and historical value of each statue.

The Chiang Saen Periodic Buddhist Art style is one of Eight Periodic Styles and also the 1 of the Most Popular – The Chiang Saen period is split into three categories;

Singh Hneung – Recieved influence from the Bhala of India, the body is plump, and the head and topknot has the shape of a semi-opened lotus flower. The hair of the Buddha does not have strands, rather is rounded like a pile of clams. The face is not elongated, and more rounded. The eyebrows are curved and rounded, outward curved protruding nose, obtuse chin, and bulging chest. The Sangkati robe is shirt and hangs over the breast robes, making a swallow tail shaped contour. The Robe covers almost the whole chest.

Singh Sorng – the second period is very similar in compositional elements to the first period, except the Buddha will be less plump. The Sangkati and Civara robe covers less of the torso of the Buddha, reaching only to cover the navel and stomach, but not the chest. The head and topknot is slightly rounder more like a closed lotus.

Singh Sam – the third period changes much more from the original style, resembling much more the Sukhothai Periodic influence. The hairs of the head are more flamed and higher, much more detailed and see the hairlines between the hair and the forehead as fine lines. If a Bucha statue, then the lotus throne will be mostly double or at least with double interspersed petals (2 layered) and with outward curving lines on the lotus throne (protruding outwards away from the statue).

Chiang Saen Ancient Thai Buddhist Periodic Art and amulets are of immense Historic and Religious value, as well as Artistically being one of Thailands great Cultural Inheritances.

SiHuHaTa Bucha BE2556





Wat Par Tad Kaed Keow Juramanee
SiHuHaTa Bucha BE2556
Made 99pcs Only
Height 31cm by Wide 16cm
Hp +6591330138

Chanted by
KB Boonyang Wat Huai NamWon
KB KamFan Wat Korchoke
KB Sa Ngor Wat Ta Nam Lom and Many Others

Come with Takrut Chai SamPaTi ( Metta & Chok Lap )
Mix Powder KB Onn Ashes
Wan 108
Pong Yai Jindamani and many others

Phra Putta MaRaWiChai Wat RatYaTiSaTan BE2539


Phra Putta MaRaWiChai Wat RatYaTiSaTan BE2539
Nur Thong PaSom Pid Thong
Knee To Knee 9 inches
Height 20 inches
Base 13.5 Inches 
Hp +6591330138

Wat Rat Ya Ti Sa Tan is a ancient temple in Ayutthaya
Made by Mr. Chao Koa Ngern
Phra Bucha Putta MaRaWiChai Wat RatYaTiSaTan Made in year 2539 for the King Rama 9 for his 50 year of reign
This Bucha is Not allowed to copy or reproduce without permission from the authority