Ai Kai Wat Chedi BE2559
Nur Mai ( Small Size )
Hp +6591330138

1 of the most powerful wealth fetching amulets

Legend has it that Ai Khai was a young novice monk following LP Thuad on his pilgrimage. When LP Thuad came to Wat Chedi, Si Chon district, Nakhon Si Thammarat province, he ordered Ai Khai to stay there and look after the province on his behalf. Not long after that, Ai Khai died when he was still a boy and his spirit has lived there ever since as a guardian. Ai Khai’s spirit always keeps an eye on the temple; whoever goes in without permission or breaks into to the compound to steal things will be frightened away by him. The power of Ai Khai is widely known in Nakhon Si Thammarat and other provinces. People said that during World War II, he frightened the invading foreign soldiers, making sure that they ran away without thinking.



1st Batch Ai Kai Roon Wai Kan 2556
Wat Chedi
Nur Thongdeang Pim Jumbo
Hp +6591330138

Ai Kai (#爱凯) Wat Jaydi (屈借) Nakon Si Thamarat is now the most popular lucky child in Thailand, illustrating the numerous Ai Kai Wat Jaydi! !

The name Ai Kai is no stranger to the Tainan area. The story is like this. According to Wat Jaydi, Wat Jaydi started in the Ayutaya era. The host was named Lp Thong and Lp Thong had two assistants named Nai Mian. For Ai Kai. Ai Kai was originally an assistant to Lp Thuad (called Dek Wat in Thailand). Follow Lp Thuad and go there one day. When Lp Thuad is going to Ayutaya, he is looking for a friend via Nakon Si Thamarat. The friend is Lp Thong, who was the host of wat jaydi, and then Lp Thuad left for Ayutaya. Tell Ai Kai: Ai Kai You don’t have to follow me to Ayutaya. This is a very good place, so stay here to protect this temple.

Later, Ai Kai stayed at Wat Jayde in accordance with Lp Thuad’s instructions until Lp Thong died. After Lp Thong’s death, Ai Kai disappeared from the river in order to follow Lp Thuad’s instructions. No one knows his whereabouts! Because Ai Kai will always guard Wat Jaedi with his own soul! Wat Jayde was abandoned, but Ai Kai remained in the temple. Until about 251x, Nakon Si Tamarat had a mana-powered master named Thuad Tiang, who was also a good friend of Khun Phan. He could break the iron, so the locals called him Thuad Tiang Hak Lek! One day, a child came to report the dream and said: Master please make a golden body for me. Thuad Tiang asks who you are. The child said, my name is Ai Kai, and I guarded Wat Jayde according to the instructions of Lp Thuad. Now is the time. Please help me build a golden body and put it in the temple. After waking up, Thuad Tiang began to look for a good wood. Later, he found a hundred-year-old Takian wood from Nakon Si Thamarat. He used this wood to create a 9-year-old, undressed child. Come out and put it at Wat Jayde. After Thuad Tiang, this is Ai Kai.

How did Ai Kai become famous? In the past, local villagers often had a 9,10-year-old child playing near the temple, but they were not residents’ children. They could not find him every time they wanted to approach a child. Later, the residents called him Dek Wat (meaning the children in the temple, can also be interpreted as assistants in the temple). The former people often did not see the cows, and the villagers were very troubled to say a Dek Wat help. Looking for a cow, the villager will go down the next day when he wants to go out. The cows he has not seen are all tied outside the door! Then, if some villagers don’t see the goods, they will go to AiKai to help. After 170 years of ruin, Wat Jayde came to the temple with a master in the 2502 calendar. The name of the master was Poh Than Khem. At that time, the nearby places began to develop. More and more villagers lived here, the agricultural industry. At the beginning, more and more people from Wat Jaydi came to Ai Kai to make a wish, the so-called incense! According to the survey, 99% of people who have asked for Ai Kai can do so, and the test is super high! Until today, Ai Kai Dek Wat Jayde has been a lucky child in Thailand.

Here are some interesting things to share about Ai Kai:

1) The Buddhist calendar 2497 held the Dafa Conference in Wat Chang Hai. The Dafa Conference opened the Lp Thuad head to help the Buddha. In the same year, Lp Thuad was invited to wear the body. In the same year, Khun Phan participated in the Fa Conference. After the Fa Conference, the boy asked Khun Phan, you are from Nakon Si Thamarat, do you know my apprentice, he is in the north of Nakon Si Thamarat, when Khun Phan heard a fog, and did not agree, until After knowing Thuad Tiang, I learned that the apprentice of Lp Thuad’s child was Ai Kai. This was what Khun Phan himself said.

2) Nakon Si Thamarat was a red area that meant that there were many Communist parties at the time, so the Thai government sent a lot of soldiers to guard here. At that time, a group of soldiers went to Wat Jaydi to guard, and there was always a small sleep at night. The children are here at kaka caucau, some soldiers are pulled, some are being made, some are seeing Ai Kai himself, the scared soldiers are half-life, then the soldiers report this to the commander, the commander says a child soul you What are you afraid of? Later, even the commander was arrested, scaring the commander half-life. Later, the commander inquired about the residents. The residents said that it was Dek Wat. Later, the commander and the soldiers bought some food and apologized to Ai Kai. Please don’t harass us. Later, the residents knew that Ai Kai was very fond of military personnel. Until now, some people who wished to do so liked to give Ai Kai a uniform or a toy with soldiers.

3) When a few young monks went to Wat Jayde to get out of the house, those who were born years ago said that Ai Kai is very famous here. Where is it? Come out and let me see and see, with some provocations, then they really see Ai Kai



Lp Jerm Wat HoiRak 
Phra Prok Pho Pim Lek BE2499
Nur Phong Prai Samut ( 3 Tone Colour ) 
🏅🏅🏅 RARE 😲😲😲
Hp +6591330138

This Phra Prok Pho Pong Prai Samut created by Lp Jerm Of Wat Hoi Rak with Many rare and holy ingredient, mixture of 108 deep sea soil, 108 herbs, 108 of Pha Panang River soil, 108 temple soil, 108 garden soil, 108 soil from crab holes, soil from land that cant plant anything, 108 soil from termites colony, 108 soils from pond, 108 ashes of person who died on saturday cremated on tuesday from 7 different cemeteries, ashes of burnt holy script, a total of more than 700 mass mixtures, it took more than 7 years for Lp Jerm to collect. Lp Jerm bless all the material for 5 year, another 4 years for the Moulding and 4 months to mixed and blend all the materials and creating the Phra Prok Po and Phra Pidta, after Lp Jerm blessed this Batch Of Phra Prok Pho and Pidta for a long 8 years and invited many great geji’s to join in now and then before given out to devotees on BE 2496 in between the Blessing and consecration Lp Jerm cast a special spell or katha for more than 10,000 times



Phra Leela 25 Buddha Sattawas BE2500
**** Special 2 Colour Tone with Rae ****
Hp +65 91330138

Biggest & Greatest and most well blessed in Thailand’s Amulet creation 
Chnated by 108 Monks
LP Nak, Wat Rakang
LP Chong Wat NaTangNok
LP Ngern Wat Don YaiHom
LP Tae KongThong Wat SamGnam
LP Plian Wat Tai
LP Chaeng Wat Bangpang
LP Lee Wat Asokaram
LP Klaai Wat SuanKhan
LP Tzai Wat Sadej
LP Hiang Wat PaaAranYikawas
LP Pae Wat PikulThong
LP Roong Wat ThaKrabue
LP Hom Wat Chak Mak
LP Aant Wat PhraYatiKaram
LP Lek Wat BangNomkho
LP ThongSook Wat TanodLuang
LP Nai Wat BanChaeng
LP Thian Wat Bosth
LP Sie Wat Sakae
LP Thop Wat ChonDaen
LP Toh Wat Pradoo ChimPlee
LP Chan Wat Klong Ranong
LP Nor, Wat KlangTharua
LP PhraKru ArkomSunthorn(Maa)
Phra Achran Saa WatrajNadda
Phra Kru VinaiThorn Wat Sam Phanthawongse
LP Pak Wat Bung ThongLang
Chao Khun Chia Wat Phrachetuphon
Phra IndraSmacharn Wat Indraviharn
Chao Khun Phol Wat Nang
LP Puak Wat Moli
LP Thaen Wat Dhammasaen
LP Butra Wat Mai BangPlakod
LP Thira Wat Pah Lelai
LP Sook WatThanod Luang



LP Kruen Wat Sangkositaram
( Top Gecko Maker )
1st Batch Phra NamPaiYai BE2498
Hp +65 91330138

The Phra Nang Pai Yai is the Queen of the Ancient Buddhist Amulet Family. It is an amulet of the Pra-Gru (alternatively, ‘Pra Kru’) hiding place burial amulets type, and is one of the Classic ‘Top Five’ Benjapakee Amulets (Pra Somdej Wat Rakang, Pra Nang Paya Pitsanuloke, Pra Sum Gor Gampaeng Paetch, Pra Pong Supan Supanburi, and the Pra Rod Gru Lampun).

Lp Kruen of Wat Sangkositaram was born.on 17 January 2443. ordinate 2464
He is also good friends of Lp Sod Wat Pak Nam , Both of them learn from master Lp Nong Wat Kong Ma Dan
Lp Kruen of Wat Sangkositaram is also Master of Lp Lum Samakkeetham