Aj Nong Wat Sai Kao

Aj Nong Wat Sai Kao 1

Aj Nong Wat Sai Kao
Lp Thuad Bua Rob BE2541
Nur Nawat Pim Kamakan
Win 2nd Prize Chaeng Wattana 23 July 2560
Win 2nd Prize Chaeng Wattana 29 Oct 2560
Win 3rd Prize Chaeng Wattana 21 July 2561
Hp +6591330138

Lp Thuad Wat MuangYala


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Lp Thuad Wat Muang Yala BE2505
Nur Wan Pim Lek Si Dao ( Niyom )
Hp +6591330138
Chanted by Ajahn Tim of Wat Chang Hai
Mix with Luang Pu Thuad BE2497 Powder
Win 2nd Prize Chaeng Wattana 21 July 2562



Ajahn Nong Wat Sai Kao
Lp Thuad with 3 Takrut BE2541
80 Years Old Birthday Batch
Made 100pcs Only

Win 2nd Prize Bitec 18 Jun 2560
Hp +6591330138




Lp Thuad Wat Prasat BE2506
Pim Wat Dee Luang
Come with Traprachan Authentic Certificate
Hp +6591330138

Chanted by
LP Nak of Wat Rakhang
LP Hin of Wat Rakhang
Pra Ajahn Tim of Wat Chang Hai
LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee
LP Ngern of Wat Don-yai-hom
LP Pae of Wat Pikultong
LP Tim of Wat Lahan-rai
LP Jong of Wat Nartangnok
LP Perm of Wat Klangbangkaew
LP Tae of Wat Sam-Ngam
LP Doo of Wat Sakae
LP Top of Wat Chondan
LP Daeng of Wat Khaobandai-it
LP Mui of Wat Donrai
LP Kuay of Wat Kositaram
LP Prom of Wat Chongkae
LP Thongsook of Wat Sapansoong
LP Klai of Wat Suan Kun
LP Dit of Wat Paksra
LP Noi of Wat Dharmasala
LP Nai of Wat Banjang
LP Keaw of Wat Songbon
LP Si of Wat Sakae
LP Boi of Wat Manao
LP Num of Wat Donsala
LP Seng of Wat Kalaya
LP Tira of Wat Parlaylai
LP Boonmi of Wat Kaosamorkorn
LP Rian of Wat Bang-rahong
LP Kern of Wat Sungko
LP Cham of Wat Nualnoradit
LP Nor of Wat Klangtarur
LP Pol of Wat Tiantut
LP Tor of Wat Namatoom
LP Chern of Wat Yansen
LP Sook of Wat Kalong
LP Nerng of Wat Julamani
LP Ki of Wat Hoochang
LP Kaew of Wat Chonglom
LP Gun of Wat Khaokaew
LP Tongyoo of Wat Mai-nongpa-ong
LP Toon of Wat Pho Nimit
Chaokun Jia of Wat Bhoti
Jaokun Prayat of Wat Suthat
LP Dee of Wat Nuer
LP Kak of Wat Huakhao
LP Yim of Wat Jaojed
LP Ming of Wat Gok
LP Hiang of Wat Par
LP Juan of Wat Nongsoom
LP Un of Wat Prayat
LP Tium of Wat Kasatratirach
LP Sorn of Wat Singsarng
LP Tan of Wat Dharmsen
LP Tian of Wat Bost
LP Nin of Wat Kornburi
LP Tong-yoo of Wat Tasao
LP Buddha of Wat Klangchoosri
LP Mian of Wat Bhotikajao

In the year B.E.2506, Wat Prasat was almost totally destroyed by a fire which broke out in the temple. After the massive damage was done, a mass chanting ceremony was organised to help raise funds for the rebuilding of the temple. Many types of amulets were consecrated and they were chanted twice in B.E.2506. The chanting was first held continuously for 3 days and 3 nights from the 6th to 9th of March B.E.2506. The second time was held for 4 days and 4 nights from the 13th to 15th of November B.E.2506.
Some of the basic components in the amulet consist of:
– Broken fragments of Somdej Wat Bangkhunphrom
– Soil from 4 holy places of the Buddha’s time
– Mineral ore
– Phong Itije (Prosperity), Phong Maharaj, Phong Puttamang
– Nur Din (Soil)
– See Pheung (Lip Wax)
– Wahn Jampasak (Power, Authority, Prestige)
– Raw Leklai (metal charm believed to melt at candle temperature)
– Holy metal plates that were used to write Yantras

Ajahn Nong Wat Sai Kao


Ajahn Nong Wat Sai Kao 
Pim Sorng Thuad BE2514
Nur Pong Kamin Kao & LPT 2497 Powder
Made 37pcs Only 
Come with Traprachan Authentic Certificate
Come with Open Close Silver Longya Casing 
Hp +65 91330138

Chanted by 
Aj Nong Wat Sai Kao
Lp Sam Neng Wat Waruwan
Lp La Moon Wat Sa Dej
AJ Lood Wat Padoo
AJ Nam Wat Don Sala 
Lp Moon Wat Kao Daeng 
Lp Kong Wat Ban Son
Par Pisan Tammarang Si Wat Kru Hasawan
Par Pa Rat Jing Wat Kok Yem
Par kru Pai Lot Wat Bang Nar



Luang Pu Thuad Wat Muang YaLa BE2505
Nur Wan Pim Yai ( Niyom )
Chanted by Ajahn Tim of Wat Chang Hai 
Mix with Luang Pu Thuad BE2497 Powder 
Win 3rd Prize Chaeng Wattana 2 Oct 2559 
Win 1st Prize ChiangMai 21 Aug 2559 
Hp +6591330138

Lp Thuad Sor Kor Pim Taolit BE2544


Wat Huay Mong Khun
Lp Thuad Sor Kor Pim Taolit BE2544

Win 2nd Prize Chiangmai 21 Aug 2559
Purpose for making: Donate the money to develop and restore the building in Wat Huay Mongkol.Ceremony: there were 3 grand ceremonies to bless LP Thuad amulet such as
1. Wat Phra Kaew blessed by top monks
2. Wat Chang Hai blessed by top monks
3 Wat Phra Kaew blessed by top monks

Moreover, Lp Thong Wat Samphochy strongly blessed for long time by himself.

It has large consecration ceremony in 2 main places, Wat Phra Kaew and Wat ChangHai before proceeding to be officiate in another ceremony in Wat Huay Mong Khun in 2544.

The puthaphisek ceremony started in Wat PhraKaew then to Wat ChangHai and back to Wat PhraKaew again. So altogether 3 puthaphisek ceremonies in 2 grand temples. At the time the Big LP Thuad bucha was yet to complete at Wat Huay Mong Khun. The proceeds from this batch of images LP Thuad images was used to complete it.