Lp Mee Wat MunVichai


Lp Mee Wat Manwichai
1st Batch Somdej BE2507
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Co-blessed together with his master LP Chong Wat Natangnok for 7 days and 7 nights

Phra Somdej Roon Reak (1st batch) of Luangpor Mee was created during the time where master received the title of Phrakru Kasemkanapiaban in B.E. 2507. About 3000 pieces were created at the same time of 1st batch medal and glass-pressed photo (looptai).

Materials used for this batch of Phra Somdej were:
Waan 108 kinds of herbs
Kesorn 108 kinds of pollens
Phong Wiset Ha Prakan (The 5 sacred powder) namely: Patamung, Itijie, Trinisinghe, Maharaj, Puttakun

Most important of all is the “Phong Maha Rak Ruay” which Luangpor Mee made himself for a very long period of time. Phong Maha Rak Ruay is very strong in Maha Sane (Extreme Charm).

Luangpor Mee blessed this batch of Phra Somdej with Gatha Jinabanchon, similar chant where Somdej Toh blessed his Phra Somdej.

This batch of amulets were also brought to Luangpor Jong, Wat Nah Tangnok and Luangpor Sang, Wat Nam Dao for a 7days, 7nights blessing.

There was a legend saying that in the earlier days, those who do cock-fighting were often use this Phra Somdej powder to mix with feeds for the cock to consume to protect them from injuries during fight!

This batch were also blessed in grand ceremony in B.E. 2508 by famous gurus at that era. The ceremony last from dust till dawn with only 5 gurus still in deep meditation. They were:
LP Ann, Wat Phrayat
LP Thiam, Wat Kasatatirat
LP Boon, Wat Bang Krathin
LP Jaw, Wat Pradulokachet
LP Mee, Wat ManWichai

Luangpor Mee were also in times brought the Phra Somdej for blessing in other ceremonies whenever he could.

The batch of amulets created in B.E. 2507 were well-known for:
Rian (medal) 1st batch: Kongrapan, Looptai: Maha Ud, Phra Somdej: Metta, Kakai (sales) especially on Maha Sane (extreme charm).The Reason for keeping this batch of amulets to the ceiling of the temple’s chapel.
Sometimes around B.E. 2512, rumour has it that of several instances that men were using “grounded powder” of the Phra Somdej amulet and feed it to women (casting love spell) to make the women fell in love with them. When LP Mee heard about it, he ordered that all the remaining amulets (about 2000 pieces) together with Looptai 1st Batch to be kept in ceiling of the chapel to prevent others from obtaining this Phra Somdej to commit sin.

According to his master LP Pan’s teaching, he had encouraged his lay followers to following strictly to the five percepts. As such, LP Mee said; The amulets he created were all properly blessed and shall be worn by the “right people” (person with good intent) in order to cultivate goodness and not to be used to commit sin as it will only generate bad karma instead