Ajahn Loi Poh Ngern
(The Best HoonPhayon Master in Thailand)
Phra Somdej Pim Yai BE2518
Mee Giin 有得吃
Nur Phong Namman (Hand Mould)
HP +6591330138

Phi Thee Jatulapit Phonchai

Another good batch of amulets created nearly half a century ago with pure intention of making, grand blessing by top gurus and good materials which is worth collecting.

This batch of amulets were created to fund for temple building project in B.E. 2518 and issued in Wat Rattayachai (Chinese temple) of Ayutthaya Province.

Phra Phong Nam Man (oil base powder mixtures) Mee Gin (有吃) of Ajahn Loi Pho Ngern; the master who was well-known for creating one of the Hun Payon in history.

This blessing for this batch of amulets were said to be one of the best in history with many past famous masters participated in.

The blessing ceremony of Jatulapit Phonchai literally mean The Four Blessings, which enhances the following: Happiness, Longevity, Good Health and Youthfulness.

Besides Buddha’s blessing from all the good masters, “Deva Pisek” rituals were also conducted to invite all the good deities Devas (heavenly beings) to give blessing.

The materials used to create this batch of hand-pressed amulets were personal collected by Ajahn Loi Pho Ngern over a period of time as Ajahn Loi wanted this batch of amulets to be blessed with the elements of:

Health ~ protect against undesirable harms on one’s health.
Prosperity ~ Improve one’s wealth condition and happiness.

Many of the past highly respected masters whom processes high level of spiritual power, virtue or meditation were also invited to this blessing ceremony.

A total of 16 of them:

Luangpu Tok, Wat Pradu ChimPhli
Luangpor Nor, Wat Klang Tha Rue
Luangpor Thin, Wat Palelai
Luangpu Doo, Wat Sakae
Luangpor Prink, Wat Bot
Luangpor Od, Wat Baan Chang
Luangpor Seng, Wat Kalayanamitr
Luangpor Kway, Wat Khositaram
Luangpor Wek, Wat Bang Sai
Luangpor Nai, Wat Baan Chaeng
Phra Ratchasuwan Sophon, Wat Phanan Choeng
Luangpor Pae, Wat Pikul Thong
Luangpor Chalerm, Wat Phraya Tikaram
Luangpor Huan, Wat Phutthaisawan
Luangpor Plong, Wat Kun Thip
Luangpor Somboon, Wat Khao Tham Bunnak (close follower of Luangpu Si)

Although wirhout physical presence in the ceremony, Luangpu Si of Wat Khao Tham Bunnak also gave his assurance to give blessing on this batch of amulets. It was said that an empty blessing platform was elected for him during the blessing ceremony.

This batch of amulets were highly sought after due to the many positive feedbacks by wearers who had experiences good results. As such, the amulets were nicknamed in chinese dialect as Wu Jiak (有吃) which means: There’s Food !