Lp Jerm Wat HoiRak 
Phra Prok Pho Pim Yai BE2499
Nur Phong Prai Samut 
Win 3rd Prize 
Hp +6591330138

This Phra Prok Pho Pong Prai Samut created by Lp Jerm Of Wat Hoi Rak with Many rare and holy ingredient, mixture of 108 deep sea soil, 108 herbs, 108 of Pha Panang River soil, 108 temple soil, 108 garden soil, 108 soil from crab holes, soil from land that cant plant anything, 108 soil from termites colony, 108 soils from pond, 108 ashes of person who died on saturday cremated on tuesday from 7 different cemeteries, ashes of burnt holy script, a total of more than 700 mass mixtures, it took more than 7 years for Lp Jerm to collect. Lp Jerm bless all the material for 5 year, another 4 years for the Moulding and 4 months to mixed and blend all the materials and creating the Phra Prok Po and Phra Pidta, after Lp Jerm blessed this Batch Of Phra Prok Pho and Pidta for a long 8 years and invited many great geji’s to join in now and then before given out to devotees on BE 2496 in between the Blessing and consecration Lp Jerm cast a special spell or katha for more than 10,000 times