Lp Waen Sujinno Wat Doi Mae Pang
Rian Lor Maha Amnaj Nur Nawa BE2521 ( RARE )
Made 500pcs Only
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1st Time Chanted by Lp Waen
2nd Time Chanted at Wat Pra Sing by 31 Great Monks
Lp Khampan Wat ThatMahachai
Lp Jan Wat Chedi Luang
KB Prommachak
Lp KamSen
Lp ThongDam
KB Som Wat Pong Koa
Lp Thongkam
KB Kaew Wat Doy Mok Ka Ra
Lp Lar Wat Par Terng
KB Tham Ma Chai
KB DongDee

LP Daeng Wat Kao BanDai It


LP Daeng Wat Kao BanDai It
Rian Sorng Pee Nong Blok Niyom
Nur Thongdeang BE2512
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**** Original and No Repair on Skin ****

The monk besides LP Daeng is none other than LP Charoen, the abbot of Wat Thong Nopakhun & also the brother of LP Daeng. The amulets were distributed to those who contributed to the renovation works of Wat Thong Nopakhun. The amulets were blessed by LP Daeng for a period of 1 month at Wat Kao Ban Dai It & was further consecrated in another ceremony conducted at Wat Thong Nopakhun chaired by LP Daeng, LP Charoen, LP Yerm Wat Mai Bang Jark & others monks. During the consecration ceremony, there were many devotees witnessing the event & all heard loud noises which resembled demolition works happening right inside the main hall of the temple. Upon checking, it was found that there were totally no construction works for many miles around.

This rian also made national headlines on many occasions & is believed by many to have saved many lives from severe accidents, firearms related incidents & other life threatening situations which would otherwise prove fatal. It was also mentioned in the past that no fatalities involving car accidents were ever found to be wearing LP Daeng’s amulets.

Kruba Dtao Wat Ban Lao


Kruba Dtao Wat Ban Lao
Phra KunPaen BE2560 { Turn Enemy to Friends )
Hp +6591330138

Kruba Dtao is the current abbot of Wat Ban Lao
He is the disciple of KB Tar whom is very famous for making phayant Mahsehnang.
Kruba Dtao learnt the art of consecrating efficacious phayant and skills from his master.





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Lp Sim Wat Thamnaphom
Rian Roon 9
Nur Nawat BE2517
Made 500pcs Only
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Luang Pu Sim Buddhacaro was born on the 26th November 1909 in Sakhon Nakhon Province, North-East Thailand. His parents were farmers and dedicated supporters of the local monastery. At the age of 17 Luangpu Sim took novice ordination and shortly afterwards became a disciple of the Ajaan Mun. Luangpu Sim stayed with Ajaan Mun and various of his senior disciples for many years, taking full ordination at the age of 20 at Wat Sri Candaravasa, Khon Kaen.

In later years he was the Abbot of a number of monasteries in various parts of Thailand and was given the ecclesiastical title of Phra Khroo Santivaranana in 1959. In 1967 he established a monastery in the remote mountains of Chiang Dao in Chiang Mai province that remained his residence until his death in 1992