Lp Koon Wat Ban Rai
Rian Wat Sa Keow BE2517
Nur Thongdeang Longdam Piw Five
***** Very Nice Condition *****

Win 4th Prize Chaeng Wattana 23 July 60
Win 1st Prize Nakorn Pathom 14 May 60

Hp +6591330138



Lp Mee Wat MunWiChai
Tao Wi Su Wan Nur Thong Pasom
Roon Chinnabanchon BE2540

Hp +65 91330138
Lp Mee have made this powerful 1st Batch Tao Wi Suwan ( Human Face ) that mix with 108 Old Takrut and mix with 108 Yant , written by Lp Mee himself
A humun face Tao Wi Suwan Believed to have greater power for more fortune , Asset and Stability
Lp Mee study visha knowledge from many great gurus of all time, LP Parn of Wat Bangnomkho , LP Jong of Wat Natangnok and LP Opasi of Wat Arsom Bangmok
Tao Wi Su Wan is the deity of all devils. He is a bodyguard of Buddha and a guardian of the temple. So, you can see the statues of Tao Wi Su Wan in Buddhist temples. Thai people believe Tao Wi Su Wan can protect them from ghosts and bad things. Tao Wi Su Wan is the symbol of wealth. The word “Suwan” in “Tao Wi Su Wan” means “gold”. Thus, people worship Tao Wi Su Wan for wealth and good luck.



Ajahn Nong Wat Sai Kao
Lp Thuad with 3 Takrut BE2541
80 Years Old Birthday Batch
Made 100pcs Only

Win 2nd Prize Bitec 18 Jun 2560
Hp +6591330138



Lp Mee Wat ManWichai
1st Batch Sin Por Ya BE2534
1 Gold Takrut
Made 2000pcs Only

1 of the Best Amulets for ” Gui Ren ”
Very Nice and unworn condition
Come with Original Temple Box
Hp +65 91330138




Lp In Wat KohChan
1st Batch Phra Phong Kwong-Kwan BE2497

Win 3rd Prize Nakorn Pathom 2560
Hp +6591330138
Blessed by LP Sod Wat Paknam.
Mixed with sacred powder of 1st Batch Phra Phong Kwong-Kwan Wat Paknam. This batch of amulet is as good as Wat Paknam amulets which cost much more higher



Lp Koon Wat Banrai
Phra Pidta Roon Sao-Ha KoonPanLan
(Millionaire Batch) BE.2537
With 2 Gold Takrut

Win 3rd Prize Chaeng Wattana 23 July 2560
Hp +6591330138



Luang Ta Maha Boowa Wat Pa Ban Tat
Phra Yod Khun Pon BE2548
HP +6591330138

Phra Yod Khun Pon was thought to be a fengshui buddha. Phra Yod Khun Pon is actually Buddha preaching abhidhamma in tavatimsa heaven. Sometimes other Yod Khun Pon also shows Buddha descending from tavatimsa heaven. If you notice carefully, some Yod Khun Pon are seated while some are standing

Phra Kru Wat Tai Talad


Phra Kru Wat Tai Talad
Phim Phra Pidta Samadhi Nang Rap B.E.2362 (1819 C.E.)
Win 3rd Prize Chang Wattana 23 July 2560
Hp +6591330138

Amulets from Wat Tai Talad were consecrated by Somdej Phra Buddhakosacharn Khun , ( Master of Somdej Toh Wat Rakang )
Estimated around the year B.E.2362, which was in the reign of King Rama III. It was written that the materials used to make the amulets consist of clay from sacred places like the Buddha’s birth place, place of enlightenment, when the first sermon was preached and place of his Parinibbana, etc. The amulets also consist of holy dried plants of herbs and burnt palm leaves. Phra Kru Wat Tai Talad amulets are categorised among the top popular powder amulets of Thailand.

The amulets appearance will vary significantly from pieces to pieces as some are greyish black in colour while others may look whitish as a result of the amulets being placed on different levels in the Chedi. They are also differentiated into Kru Gau (old pagoda) & Kru Mai (new pagoda), of which there are different price values although nowadays the condition and appearance will determine the value regardless of which Kru they are from. There are more than 50 different phims found in these pagodas.
Phra Kru Wat Tai Talad were differentiated into 4 different Kru and they are classified as such:
1) The main Kru Wat Tai Talad was broken in B.E.2480 and is separated into Kru Gau (old pagoda) and Kru Mai (new pagoda) although both are actually referring to the same pagoda. The pagoda was excavated in different periods with those known as Kru Mai being excavated at a later date. The Wat Tai Talad amulets that were found in both these Kru are classified as Yod Niyom (highly popular) among all the Phra Kru Wat Tai Talad amulets.
2) Kru Wat Nang Chee which was broken in B.E.2493.
3) Kru Wat Tah Lom was broken after B.E.2500 and has more diversified amulets than the 3 other Kru.

Most of the Wat Tai Talad amulets were found in these 4 different Kru and were named after the 1st broken Kru of Wat Tai Talad as the history of the consecration can be traced there with records that were officially recognised.
The piece shown above is known as Phim Pidta Samadhi Nang Rap that is categorised in the Yod Niyom Phra Pidta (most popular Phra Pidta) category. There are 4 known styles of Phra Pidta Kru Wat Tai Talad:
1. Phim Pidta Samadhi Kad Petch (crossed-legs style)
2. Phim Pidta Samadhi Nang Rap (straight-legs style)
3. Phim Pidta Nang Yong (squatting style)
4. Phim Pidta Yant Thor (Yant Thor in front)