LP Thongsuk Wat Saphansoong
Phra Pidta Pim Ser Du Zhun Sorng Met ( Niyom )
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Hp +6591330138

Lp Thongsook Intasaro never taught the sacred science to create these amulets to anyone else. On his death the sacred science and knowledge was to die with him. One of the many reasons that the amulets are not only valuable but increase in price every year.
Phra Pitda amulets are some of the most sacred Thai amulets originating from Wat Sapansoong, highly respected by all amulet collectors and devotees. These amulets were created by some of the best known Thaio guru monks such as Luang Phor Iam who created the very first prototype, Luang Phor Glin and Luang Phor Thongsook being disciples created almost identical amulets.
All Phra Pitda amulets from this temple are very expensive, but those blessed by Luang Phor Thongsook are by far the most reasonably priced and well within the budget of most collectors.
Thongsook Intasaro, or officially called “Prakru Nontakitsopon”, was born as “Thongsook Boonmee” on March 11th, B.E.2446, to the family of Mr. Kong and Mrs. Pae, locals of Nongkanan, Muang District, Petchburi Province.
He was born as one of five offspring and educated at Wat Priang near his home by Luang Phor Joy, the temple’s former abbot. Aged 13 he moved to Wat Nongwa where he obtained a higher-level education.
He returned home aged 18, enlisting in the armed services and the police force each for two years, working in many of the southern provinces such as Pattalung, Chumporn, Songkla, Narativas, etc.
Not suited a life in the services he resigned to become a Buddhist monk ordained at Wat Naprom, Petchburi province, in B.E.2470, aged 24 years.
Three months after his ordination he returned to Wat Nongwa and met Acharn Peng again, who was to became his close friend, persuading him to move to Wat Ta-kwian, Nontaburi Province.
During the time he was also to become a close follower of Luang Phor Glin, the abbot of Wat Sapansoong, and former disciple of the very famous Luang Phor Iam, who taught him Dharma and sacred sciences.
On December 5, B.E.2501, after Luang Phor Glin had passed away, Luang Phor Thongsook Intasaro was appointed as Prakru Nontakitsopon and abbot of Wat Sapansoong.
On April 7, B.E.2525, at 08.00 am, aged 79 , he passed away peacefully in a Bangkok hospital having served the Buddhist faith for 55 years.
Sacred Powder
After Luang Phor Glin had passed away, two of his closest followers namely Luang Phor Thongsook and Luang Phor Pun (later appointed as the abbot of Wat Intaram, Bangkok), divided the sacred powders of Luang Por Glin and his predecessor, Luang Poo Iam, into two parts, one part inherited by Luang Phor Thongsook the other by Luang Phor Pun.
It was recorded in temple documentation that the sacred powders namely Patamung, Ittijay, Maharach, Buddhakun, Itipiso, Trinisinghe, Trisaranakom, Yant Mahasolosmongkol must be created in the temple and pass several-months of sacred spell reciting ceremonies before they could be used.
Moreover parts of the sacred powder must be kept in the temple and used to create more sacred powder in the future by this way the sacred powder would be preserved and also exist in newly produced powder.
Luang Phor Thongsook mixed his powders with many other sacred powders, creating more than 30 different pims including Phra Pitda, Phra Pong , etc, during the period B.E.2491-2525. Above all he was of course best known for his Phra Pitda and sacred takruts.
Sacred Amulets
Wat Sapansoong’s amulets are considered very sacred indeed because Luang Poo Iam, Luang Phor Glin and Luang Phor Thongsook produced them strictly according to the ancient sacred sciences, using identical methodologies to both Luang Poo Iam and Luang Phor Glin. As such all of his amulets are highly respected as those of the senior sacred monks.
More importantly Luang Phor Thongsook Intasaro never taught the sacred science to create these amulets to anyone else. On his death the sacred science and knowledge was to die with him. One of the many reasons that the amulets from these three monks are not only valuable but increase in price every year.



LP Kruen Wat Sangkositaram
( Top Gecko Maker )
1st Batch Phra NamPaiYai BE2498
Hp +65 91330138

The Phra Nang Pai Yai is the Queen of the Ancient Buddhist Amulet Family. It is an amulet of the Pra-Gru (alternatively, ‘Pra Kru’) hiding place burial amulets type, and is one of the Classic ‘Top Five’ Benjapakee Amulets (Pra Somdej Wat Rakang, Pra Nang Paya Pitsanuloke, Pra Sum Gor Gampaeng Paetch, Pra Pong Supan Supanburi, and the Pra Rod Gru Lampun).

Lp Kruen of Wat Sangkositaram was born.on 17 January 2443. ordinate 2464
He is also good friends of Lp Sod Wat Pak Nam , Both of them learn from master Lp Nong Wat Kong Ma Dan
Lp Kruen of Wat Sangkositaram is also Master of Lp Lum Samakkeetham



Lp Mun Rian Nur Ngern BE2539
Wat Chedi Luang ( RARE )
Come with Pra Mueng Authentic Certificate

Chanted by 111 monk
Lp Rian Wat Aranya
Luang Ta Ma
Lp Prasit Wat PaMooMai
Lp Plien Wat Aran Wiwet
Lp Sang Wat Pa Ajahn Ter
Lp Liew Wat RaiTangThong
Lp Thon Wat Si Apai Wan
Lp Kampan Wat ThatMahachai
Lp Luang Wat Pa Salaan Niwat Lampang
Lp Chantra Wat Pa Khao Noi
Lp Phut Wat Pa Selawan
Lp Mee
Lp Thong Bua Wat Pa Rong Dham Samaki
KB Wong
KB Sin Keow
KB KeowMa
Lp Tim Wat Pak Kao
Lp Chan Wat Chedi Luang
Lp Kant Wat Kwao Kaew
Lp Pern Wat Bang Pak

Maechee BoonRuen Wat Awutwikasitaram


Maechee BoonRuen, Wat Awutwikasitaram
Phra Mongkol MahaLap Pim Kan BE2499
**** Nice Condition ****

Material: this powerful Buddha amulet created from many holy mass such as
1. Powder from
Wat Phra Chettuphon
Wat Trithotsathep
Wat Samphanthawong and other.
2. Powder from holy Buddha amulets that created from 108 kinds of flower and herb.
3. Powder from soil of 7 watersides and 7 pools.
4. Powder from ancient magical methods.
5. Powder from soils of 4 holy Buddhism places in India.
6. Powder from white chalk in Ratchaburi province
7. Holy waters from many top monks around Thailand
8. Other
Purpose for making: donated the money from amulet to build “Phra Phutthophat Chinnarat Jommuni” image at Wat Saranat in Rayong province.
Ceremony: there were 2 grand ceremonies to bless Phra Mongkol Maha Lap such as
First ceremony there were many top monks around Thailand joined to bless
LP Pin of Wat Baworn
LP Mian of Wat Phrachettuphon
LP Sodh of Wat Pak Nam
LP Lee of Wat Asokaram
LP Sa-ard of Wat Samphanthawong
LP Nor of Wat Klang Tharue
LP Chob of Wat Arwut
LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee
LP Ngern of Wat Donyaihom
Mae Chee Boon Ruen and other.
Moreover, in ceremony there were many magical experts joined to bless too.
Second ceremony there were many top monks joined to bless at Wat Saranat for 18 days and 18 nights such as
LP Toh of Wat Khao Bor Tong
LP Tim of Wat Laharnrai
LP Lee of Wat Asokaram
LP Fun Arjaro
Mae Chee Boonruen and other 100 top monks around Thailand.
Power: Phra Mongkol Maha Lap by Mae Chee Boonruen is very well known in Thailand because this powerful Buddha amulet has many great powers such as bring wealth, luck, prosperity, progression, good business and fortune to worshiper. In addition, Phra Mongkol Maha Lap can help worshiper from harm, accident and obstacle.



Phra Putta Sihin Pim NumLert BE2530 ( RARE )
Wat Mahathat
Same mixture and ceremony as Jatukam Ramathep first batch

Come with many Nur such as
Nur Sorng Si ( 2 Colour ) RARE
Nur Tao ( Special Powder ) RARE
Nur Numlert ( Orange ) RARE
Nur Dam ( Black )
Nur Deang ( Red )
Nur Kao ( Kao )
Nur Pong Nam Mun ( White with Holy Water ) RARE



Lp Yeam Wat SamNgan
Phra Kumantong Roon Bucha Kru BE2547
Made less then 2000pcs
Hp +6591330138
Chanted for 1 Years
Mix with powder
Lp Tae 1st Batch Broken KMT Bucha Powder
Phong Plai Kuman.
Cemetry Soil