Sankaraj Yansanwong Wat Bowon
Phra Kring Niruntaray BE2548
Win 1st Prize in BE2553 Contest
Hp +65 91330138

Mass Chanted By
Lp Poon Wat Pai Lom
Pra Yannasiyachan Wat Tep Pi Tak Bun Ya Lam
Luang Ta Pong Wat Si Tam Ma Rat
Lp Pai boon Wat Arnarayo
Lp Thong Wat Chak Ka Warachawas
Lp Fu Wat Bang Sa Mak
Lp Tim Wat Pa Kao
Lp Pherm Wat Pom Kaew



Somdej Pilan Wat Rakang
Pim Krob Kaew Lek
Win 3rd Prize Chaeng Wattana 19 Jun 2559
Win 3rd Prize Chiangmai 21 Aug 2559

Come with Open Close Gold Casing
Hp +6591330138




Lp Thuad Wat Prasat BE2506
Pim Wat Dee Luang
Come with Traprachan Authentic Certificate
Hp +6591330138

Chanted by
LP Nak of Wat Rakhang
LP Hin of Wat Rakhang
Pra Ajahn Tim of Wat Chang Hai
LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee
LP Ngern of Wat Don-yai-hom
LP Pae of Wat Pikultong
LP Tim of Wat Lahan-rai
LP Jong of Wat Nartangnok
LP Perm of Wat Klangbangkaew
LP Tae of Wat Sam-Ngam
LP Doo of Wat Sakae
LP Top of Wat Chondan
LP Daeng of Wat Khaobandai-it
LP Mui of Wat Donrai
LP Kuay of Wat Kositaram
LP Prom of Wat Chongkae
LP Thongsook of Wat Sapansoong
LP Klai of Wat Suan Kun
LP Dit of Wat Paksra
LP Noi of Wat Dharmasala
LP Nai of Wat Banjang
LP Keaw of Wat Songbon
LP Si of Wat Sakae
LP Boi of Wat Manao
LP Num of Wat Donsala
LP Seng of Wat Kalaya
LP Tira of Wat Parlaylai
LP Boonmi of Wat Kaosamorkorn
LP Rian of Wat Bang-rahong
LP Kern of Wat Sungko
LP Cham of Wat Nualnoradit
LP Nor of Wat Klangtarur
LP Pol of Wat Tiantut
LP Tor of Wat Namatoom
LP Chern of Wat Yansen
LP Sook of Wat Kalong
LP Nerng of Wat Julamani
LP Ki of Wat Hoochang
LP Kaew of Wat Chonglom
LP Gun of Wat Khaokaew
LP Tongyoo of Wat Mai-nongpa-ong
LP Toon of Wat Pho Nimit
Chaokun Jia of Wat Bhoti
Jaokun Prayat of Wat Suthat
LP Dee of Wat Nuer
LP Kak of Wat Huakhao
LP Yim of Wat Jaojed
LP Ming of Wat Gok
LP Hiang of Wat Par
LP Juan of Wat Nongsoom
LP Un of Wat Prayat
LP Tium of Wat Kasatratirach
LP Sorn of Wat Singsarng
LP Tan of Wat Dharmsen
LP Tian of Wat Bost
LP Nin of Wat Kornburi
LP Tong-yoo of Wat Tasao
LP Buddha of Wat Klangchoosri
LP Mian of Wat Bhotikajao

In the year B.E.2506, Wat Prasat was almost totally destroyed by a fire which broke out in the temple. After the massive damage was done, a mass chanting ceremony was organised to help raise funds for the rebuilding of the temple. Many types of amulets were consecrated and they were chanted twice in B.E.2506. The chanting was first held continuously for 3 days and 3 nights from the 6th to 9th of March B.E.2506. The second time was held for 4 days and 4 nights from the 13th to 15th of November B.E.2506.
Some of the basic components in the amulet consist of:
– Broken fragments of Somdej Wat Bangkhunphrom
– Soil from 4 holy places of the Buddha’s time
– Mineral ore
– Phong Itije (Prosperity), Phong Maharaj, Phong Puttamang
– Nur Din (Soil)
– See Pheung (Lip Wax)
– Wahn Jampasak (Power, Authority, Prestige)
– Raw Leklai (metal charm believed to melt at candle temperature)
– Holy metal plates that were used to write Yantras



KB KamFan Wat Korchoke
Phra KunPaen Pim Lek with Silver Takrut
Roon Pai Por Tong (Gold Bodhi Tree} BE2558
Made 29pcs Only
Hp +6591330138

Chanted by
KB Kanfan Wat Korchoke
KB Boon Tan Wat Ya Pai
LP Ket Wat Sun Ton Padit
LP Sanom Wat Pa Pang Lerng
LP Wichai Wat Tam Pa Jom
kB Pa Dung Wat Pa Peng
KB Noi Wat Si Don Moon
KB Oar Wat Pra Trad Doi Wet
KB Jan Ta Rang Si Wat Kru Toa
Kb pan wat puttabat hoa tom
KB Sai Tong Wat Pa Mai Deang
LP Aun Wat Tam Ko Sok
LP Kam Bo Wat Mai Ban Tan
LP Udom Wat Satid Tammaram
LP Leung Wat Sading Tong
LP Tong Pun Wat Pa Pu Ka Tea
LP Lee Wat Pa Nong Tap Ler
LP Plien Wat Arun Wiwet
LP Boon Aom Wat Pa Non Paeng
LP PaiBoon Wat Ar Narayo Lippa Ya Ram
LP BorKet Wat Pa Pang Geud
LP Soon Wat Pa It Sa Ra Tam
AJ Utai Wat Pa Hoi Lad
AJ Som Pong Wat Pu Tap Far
LP Son Wat Pa Ban Pok
LP Ja Reun Wat Tam Pak Peng
LP Kong Wat Panaboon
Par Putti Sara Tara Wat Pa Simahatad
AJ Choawarat Wat Ta Wang Hin
AJ Sanong Wat Pa Don Ban Tern
Luang Ta Ma Wat Tam Meung Na
AJ Samai Wat Boon Ya Nu Son
KB Dong Jan Wat Si Jom
LP Sor Wat Pa Kam Ken Neur
KB Won Wat Dong Ki Lek
LP Boon Choy Wat Son Tam Yai
KB Sai Wat Rong Kud
AJ Satan Wat Bor Kang

Content Ashes & Bone from
Chao Kun Upali
Lp Sao , Lp Tate , Lp Ter
Lp Phang , Lp Dun , Lp Bua
Lp Jan , Lp Sing , Lp Sim
Lp Fann , Lp Kao , Lp Kamdee
Lp Onn , Lp Sum , Lp Waen
Lp Phut , Lp Oun , Lp Lar
Lp Kampan , Lp Boon , Lp Chob
Lp Boonjan , AJ Wan , Lp Chah
Lp Sira , Lp Boonmee , Lp Boonma
Lp Jansom , Lp Kamdee , Lp Rian
Lp Onnsa , Lp Thonginn , Lp Kamsen
Lp Luang , Lp RakRewTo , Lp Jiak

Rice from
Lp Fann , Lp Kao , Lp Tate
Lp Kan , Lp Ken , Luang Ta Maha Bua
Lp Sim , Lp Toh , Lp Rian
Lp Chob , Lp Buddha , Lp Waen
Lp Sum , Lp Luang , Lp La
Lp Suwan , Lp Prasit , Lp Dun

Chanmak from
Lp Waen , Lp Tate , Lp Fann
Lp Lee , Lp La , Lp Jiak
Lp Suwan , Lp Prasit , Luang Ta Maha Bua
Lp Phut , Lp Dun , Lp Sum

Kuti Wood from
Lp Mun , Lp Sao , Lp Chob
Lp Waen , Lp Kao

Content Hair of
Lp Tate , Lp Waen , Lp Sim
Lp Rian , Lp Jan , Lp Phut
Lp Thongbua , Lp ThongPoon
Lp Thong Inn , Lp Sang , Lp Bua Ket
Lp Ruk Rewto , Lp Prasit , Lp Plien
Lp Jiak , Luang Ta Maha Bua

Content Holy Powder such as –
1. Lp Mun Locket Wat Pa Darapirom BE2554 holy powder
2. Lp Waen powder 2516
3. Lp Sim powder 2517
4. Lp Lee Wat Asdkaram powder 2500
5. Lp Boonjan
6. Lp Prasit Somdej 1st batch powder
7. Lp Jan Powder
8. Lp Plien Pidta powder
9. Lp Sang Phra Rod powder
10. Lp Rian Somdej 9 Mongkoon powder
11. Lp Boonmee Pidta powder
12. Lp Phang 1st Batch powder
13. Lp ThongBua Roop Muen powder
14. Lp Chom Pidta powder
15. Lp La PuJoKo Pidta Powder
16. Lp Fann Somdej Sarapradee powder
17. Lp Kao Powder
18. Wat Chedi Luang 600 years old Somdej Powder
19. Chao Kun Nor 2513 powder
20. Lp Buddha 1st Batch Somdej powder
21. Maechee Boonlern Putto Noi powder
22. Phra Kong 1300 Years Old powder
23. Lp Put Phra Puttanimit powder
24. Lp Ter Phra AngKan powder
25. Powder of Nampaya Unarom 2519
26. Lp Mun Sisato 2517 powder
27. Lp Phang 1st Batch Tok Moo powder
28. Lp Terng Onn powder
29. Lp Koon powder
30. Lp JanSom Somdej powder
31. Luang Ta Maha Bua Tok Moo powder
32. Ajahn Wan powder
33. KB Sivichai Roon 700 Pi
34. Wat Dong Jan powder
35. LPT Roon Bae Tong powder
36. SankarajYansanwon Wat Bowon powder
37. Lp Doo Wat Sakae powder
38. Wat Pak Nam 1st , 2nd and 3rd Batch powder
39. Soil from Lp Mun Kuti
40.Soil from Lp Waen Kuti
41. Soil from Luang Ta Maha Bua Kuti
42. Pong Lek Nam Pi
43. Powder Coconut Shell
44. Powder Pidta Lp Kaew Wat Kerwan
45. Incense Powder from Wat Sorthon , Lp Kao , Lp Moon
46. Powder from Lp Tim Foundation
47. Coffin Tack from Lp Jan Wat Chedi Luang & Lp Thongbua
48. Powder from Ancient Book



Somdej Wat Rakang
Roon Roy Pee BE2515
Pim Khai Pla Luen
Come with Uamulets Authentic Certificate
Veriflied in Recent Lampang Contest

Come with Original Temple Box
Hp +6591330138

Phra Somdej Roy Pee 100th Anniversary Batch BE 2515 (Year 1972). This batch was known to go through grand mass chanting by many famous monks on 2514

By –
LP Thim Wat Palelai Suphanburi

LP Toon Wat Poh Nimit

LP Saeng Wat Kalaya

LP Nor Wat Kangttaliah

LP Toh Wat Pradochimplee

LP Thongyak Wat Mainongpaong

Ajahn Suphot Wat Suthat

LP Lammon Wat Sadek

LP Toh Wat Pradochimplee

LP Tae Wat Sam Ngam

LP Wean Wat Doi MaePang and many others too



Phra Khunpaen Wat Ban Kang BE2492 (Nur Din)
Phra Kru Apatsilakhun (Palad Thawee)
HP +6591330138

Phra Kru Apatsilakhun is grandson of Luangphor Mui Wat Donrai Suphanburi
Since he was young monk studying Scripture at Wat Ban Krang, that was origin place of famous Phra Khunpaen amulets. Once in year B.E.2479, he went into Kru that used to kept Khunpaens and found lots of broken pieces Amulets, so he ask people come to collected for him.
Years passes, he thought of making Amulets, so he start gathered ingredients that believed to be auspicious, many people help by supplied by the
1. Soil of 4 Buddhist important places from India
2. Stains the soil from base of Great Buddha statues
3. Powder from Pagoda,
4. Holy Sacred Powder suach as : Pong Maharaj , Pong Ittije ,Pong Puttakhun , Pong Trinisinghe
5. Incense powder from Famous altar
6. Sacred soil from several places
7. 108 of Wan
8. Mineral and Powder collected from LP Tira Wat Palelai
9. Metal powder and soil from Ancient Kru
10. Ancient Amulets like Phra Rod Mahawan and Khunpaen Wat Phraroop
11. Broken pieces Khunpaen Wat Ban Krang ( 1 Bowl )

Since year B.E.2490 he prepare the mixture by all the sacred objects are crushed to sifted and filtered, marinated in water until fine.
On the 5th month of Year B.E.2490 ceremony worshiping for Sirimongkol to a magical and sacred, 7 monks was invited to the Chanting and Blessing Ceremony
Lp Mui Wat Don Rai
Lp Tam Wat Phra Loi
Lp Toh Wat Lat Tan
Lp Tira Wat Palelai
Lp Sawai Wat Ban Kang
Lp Kam Wat Nor Putthangoon
Lp Plueng Wat Suwannaphoom.

Ceremony took place at Viharn of the Wat Ban Krang. When the ceremony finished, they started printing press the Amulets. With the help from Monk and Nen, also people who already accept the Five Precepts help printing press in the sanctuary. While printing press thay have to pray “Na Ma Pa Tha” or “Namoputthaya,” and they made special baking stove surrounded by Holy cord to from sanctuary and baked only on Saturday as the requirement by the Ancient book. More than 300,000 of Amulets were made.

Before putting all amulets inside Kru of Wat Ban Krang.
On the 5th month of Year B.E.2492 was a Massive Chanting Ceremony
Great Keji Monks are invited to the Chanting Ceremony : as follows.
Aj Nam Wat Donsala
Lp Pae Wat PikulThong
Lp Plueng Wat Suwannaphoom
Lp Mui Wat Don Rai
Lp Kak Wat Huakhao
Lp Tam Wat Phra Loi
Lp Toh Wat Lat Tan
Lp Tira Wat Palelai
Lp Kam Wat Nor Putthangoon
Lp Sawai Wat Ban Kang
When ceremony finished, they packed all amulets back into Kru of Wat Ban Kang
After that , in year B.E.2511 and so on, they has opened Kru for distribute Amulets to military units once a while as the Government’s requested






LP Sim Wat ThamPhaPong
Phra Kring Kring Pa Tan Pon Nur Nawat BE2523
Wrap with Plastic Casing

Kring Pa Tan Pon made by Doctor Pajon for his own Birthday 6 Rob*
Doctor Pajon is the person that help to treat many monk in lanna ,
Etc: Lp Waen , Lp Sim is taken care by Doctor Pajon

Co-blessed with*
LP Waen Sujinno
LP Khamsaen
LP Toh Wat Pradochimpee
LP Koon Wat Ban Rai & Others



Maechee BoonRuen, Wat Awutwikasitaram
Phra Mongkol MahaLap Pim Yai BE2499

Win 3rd Prize 6 Sep 2558 Chaeng Wattana
Win 1st Prize 4 Oct 2558 Chaeng Wattana
Win 2nd Prize 19 Jun 2559 Chaeng Wattana

Hp +6591330138

Material: this powerful Buddha amulet created from many holy mass such as
1. Powder from
Wat Phra Chettuphon
Wat Trithotsathep
Wat Samphanthawong and other.
2. Powder from holy Buddha amulets that created from 108 kinds of flower and herb.
3. Powder from soil of 7 watersides and 7 pools.
4. Powder from ancient magical methods.
5. Powder from soils of 4 holy Buddhism places in India.
6. Powder from white chalk in Ratchaburi province
7. Holy waters from many top monks around Thailand
8. Other
Purpose for making: donated the money from amulet to build “Phra Phutthophat Chinnarat Jommuni” image at Wat Saranat in Rayong province.
Ceremony: there were 2 grand ceremonies to bless Phra Mongkol Maha Lap such as
First ceremony there were many top monks around Thailand joined to bless
LP Pin of Wat Baworn
LP Mian of Wat Phrachettuphon
LP Sodh of Wat Pak Nam
LP Lee of Wat Asokaram
LP Sa-ard of Wat Samphanthawong
LP Nor of Wat Klang Tharue
LP Chob of Wat Arwut
LP Toh of Wat Praduchimplee
LP Ngern of Wat Donyaihom
Mae Chee Boon Ruen and other.
Moreover, in ceremony there were many magical experts joined to bless too.
Second ceremony there were many top monks joined to bless at Wat Saranat for 18 days and 18 nights such as
LP Toh of Wat Khao Bor Tong
LP Tim of Wat Laharnrai
LP Lee of Wat Asokaram
LP Fun Arjaro
Mae Chee Boonruen and other 100 top monks around Thailand.
Power: Phra Mongkol Maha Lap by Mae Chee Boonruen is very well known in Thailand because this powerful Buddha amulet has many great powers such as bring wealth, luck, prosperity, progression, good business and fortune to worshiper. In addition, Phra Mongkol Maha Lap can help worshiper from harm, accident and obstacle