Phra KunPaen Kru Wat Yai Chaiya Mongkhon
Pim Nar Yip Pang MunWichai Nur Din 
( Smiling Face )
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More then 400 Years Old 

In 1592 King Naresuan (r. 1590-1605) defeated the Burmese Army at Nong Sarai by 
killing the Burmese Crown Prince in single-handed combat on elephant. In the battle the 
King and his brother King Ekathotsarot got separated from their army officers. On return 
to Ayutthaya the King wanted to punish to death his officers, but the Supreme Patriarch 
intervened and requested the punishment to be suspended; which King Naresuan 
granted. The Royal Chronicles of Ayutthaya although, state nothing about the 
construction of the great chedi. It is assumed that, on this occasion, King Naresuan 
ordered the restoration and enlargement of the temple and the principal chedi. The chedi 
was named Phra Chedi Chaiya Mongkhon. Presumably this celebration gave rise to the 
temple’s new name, Wat Yai Chaiya Mongkhon – The Great Temple of Auspicious 

Ajahn Nong Wat Sai Kao


Ajahn Nong Wat Sai Kao 
Pim Sorng Thuad BE2514
Nur Pong Kamin Kao & LPT 2497 Powder
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Chanted by 
Aj Nong Wat Sai Kao
Lp Sam Neng Wat Waruwan
Lp La Moon Wat Sa Dej
AJ Lood Wat Padoo
AJ Nam Wat Don Sala 
Lp Moon Wat Kao Daeng 
Lp Kong Wat Ban Son
Par Pisan Tammarang Si Wat Kru Hasawan
Par Pa Rat Jing Wat Kok Yem
Par kru Pai Lot Wat Bang Nar

Phor Tann Kling Wat Talung Tong


Phor Tann Kling Wat Talung Tong
1st Batch Pra Pong Pim Lep Mer Nur ChanMak BE2520 ( RARE )
Win 1st Prize 4 May 2555 Nakhon Si Thammarat
Hp +6591330138

Phor Than Kling Jantasiri or LP Kling, Wat Talung Thong is the best of Geji of Nakorn Sri Thammarat province. Phor Than Kling life is full of kindness for everyone who worshipped him. Even Phor Than Klai of Wat Suan Kan have great respect for Phor Than Kling, there are villagers from Amphor Ron Piboon went to pay respect to PT Kai. When PT Kai knew that they came from Ron Piboon, LP said “ after this time, you wont go so far, you can visit Phor Than Kling is enough because Phor Than Kling gave you a wish is as good as me” or even Ajarn Num, Wat Don Sala is also have great respect for Phor Than Kling. 
Many people believed that Phor Tann Kling is a Geji which has a lot of Visha Arkom. The miracle amulet of LP is stressing on Metta Mahaniyom.



Maechi Boonreun Wat Awut Wikasitaram
Phra Phuttho Noi BE2494 
Pim Lek Nak Tukata Nur Bailan ( NIYOM ) 
1 of the Best Wishing Buddha and 6 Sense

Win 1st Prize Chaeng Wattana 19 Jun 2559
Win 4th Prize Chaeng Wattana 2 Oct 2559
Hp +6591330138