LP Thup Wat Krabok 
1st Batch KhunPaen BE2505 
Co-Chanted by LP Tim Wat Lahanrai
LP Thup was the creator of “Sii Perng Kaew”, a kind of sacred honey wax or widely called Sii Perng for increasing one’s charm.

During his early monkhood, LP Thup was extremely hardworking and very intelligent.

He was able to learn and mastered various skills taught by his teachers in very short period of time.

LP Thup excelled in his practice till he was able to create his own “Phong Itijie” (Scared Powder) as a young monk.

Amulets were first consecrated in grand ceremony participated by well-known gurus of Rayong province:

LP Tim, Wat Lahanrai
LP Hom, Wat Chak Mak
LP Yen, Wat Ban Len
LP Lak, Wat Nong Krabok
LP Thup, Wat Krabok Khuen Phueng

Ceremony lasted for 8 hours (6pm – 2am) whereby LP Tim sat in mediation for 8 hours. This historical event was also the First Time LP Tim accepted invitation to leave his own temple for ceremony.

Second blessing for this batch of amulets was conducted by LP Thup himself for full Pansah (3 months of Buddhist Lent) before distributing out to followers whom had donated to the temple.

LP Thup passed away in BE 2509 at the age of 89 years old.






Lp Prasit Wat Pa Moo Mai 
Phra Kring Kwan Faa 6 Rob BE2555 
Nur Nawat Kae Thong 
Made 1000 Pcs Only 
Come with Original Temple Box
Hp +6591330138

Casting in Temple by Lp Prasit himself on Sao Ha Day 
Mix with 
1) 26 Baht of Pure Gold ( 395.2 g of Gold )
2) Axe Metal from , Lp Lousi , Lp Chan Sri , Lp Lar 
3) Rae Dud Chap 
( A kind of stone that people believed that help to bring in wealth )
4) Holy Powder
5) Metal of Phra Kring & Phra Chaiwat from Wat Suthat
6) Metal of Lp Boon Wat Klang Bang Keow Kring Chao Sua
7) Takrut from Lp Iam Wat Nang 
8) 600 Years Old Tiered from Lanna



Wat Pa Ajahn Mun 
Phra Somdej Putto Mahalap BE2559
Come with Plastic Casing

Mix with ashes of
Lp Tate 
Lp Rian 
Lp Onnsa 
Lp Phang 
Lp BoonChan 
Lp KamFon
Lp Onn 
Luang Ta Maha Bua 
Lp Pang 
Lp Pien 
Lp Chanta 
Lp Koon

Hair of 
Lp Onn 
Lp Onnsa 
Lp Boonjan 
Lp Waen 
Lp Neir 
Luang Ta Maha Bua 
Lp Saeng 
Lp Sang 
Lp Koon 
Lp Chawalak

Bucha Phra Putta Phanom Rung




Bucha Phra Putta Phanom Rung
**** VERY RARE ****
Chanted at the Top of Prasat Phanom Rung in Burinam 
19 Apr BE2532
Chanted by Sankaraj Yansanwong and many Esan Monk
Ceremony Host by Royal Highness Princess Phra Maha Chakri Sirindhorn
Made by Fine Arts Department



Somdej 9 Pau Pim 3 Liam 
Wat Inn BE2495
Win 2nd Prize 24 July 2559 Kon Kaen
Hp +6591330138

In BE2495, Police General Phau Sriyannonth gathered many guru monks and obtained many special amulets to create one of the best mass-chanted Somdet in Thai amulets history. This batch of Somdet was consecrated under his patronage in Wat Indraviharn (Wat Inn), Bangkok and were hence named after him as Somdet Nai Pau. 

Originally, Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Nuam of Wat AnongKaram was elected to be the president of the ceremony but due to him falling ill at that period of time, Luang Pu Nak, Wat Rakhang, was selected to represent him instead. 

The materials collected consisted of:

1. Broken fragments of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh Somdet amulets from Wat Rakhang and Wat Bangkhunphrom.
2. Filings of Phra Kring Wat Suthat that were consecrated in B.E. 2485.
3. Somdet amulets that were given out by Luang Pu Poo, Wat Inn.
4. Phong wiset that were leftover by Luang Phor Doem, Wat Nong Pho.
5. Many types of powder specially donated by many famous monks, etc.

The types of materials that were used to bind and mix into these raw materials were:

1. Nur Phong Kesorn (powder of crushed jasmine flower petals).
2. Nur Phong Kasen Boon Nak (special powder named after Naga).
3. Nur Phong Kesorn Bua Luang (powder of crushed lotus flower petals).
4. Nur Phong Kaset Pikoon (powder of a type of farm wood).
5. Poon Kao (limestone powder).
6. Kradat Faang (rice paper).
7. Namman Maphrao (coconut oil).
8. Dinsor Phong (chalk powder).
9. Nam Oi (sugercane), etc.

On 22nd Oct B.E. 2495, the group of 14 monks who gathered for a mass chanting to chant on materials of the amulets were:

1. Phra Thep Wae Tee, Wat Sam Phraya.
2. Phra Pawana Koht, Wat Paknam.
3. Phra Raj Molee, Wat Rakhang.
4. Phra Pawana Wikrom, Wat Rakhang.
5. Phra See Somphot, Wat Suthat.
6. Luang Phor Chaeng, Wat Bang Pang.
7. Phrakru Winai Ton, Wat Samphanthawong.
8. Phrakru Sompanyop Rakat, Wat Prodges.
9. Phra Acharn Plee, Wat Suan Ploo.
10. Phrakru Arkom Soonthorn, Wat Suthat.
11. Phra Palad Pleang, Wat Ganya Nimit,
12. Phra Acharn Baideega Banyat, Wat Suthat.
13. Phrakru Sung, Wat Indraviharn.
14. Phrakru Mongkhol Wichit, Wat Anongkaram.

The amulets were using various moulds which produced a total of 84,000 pieces and were all individually hand cut using gold knives. The amulets were collected in trays and were kept under shade, not under direct sunlight and to be dried under natural conditions. 

After all the amulets were finally moulded, they were placed in the Bosth (main chanting hall) by the committee who were in charge of and were surrounded by auspicious candles that were placed in the 8 directions. The candles were watched over by committee members on a rotational basis to prevent the candles from burnt out or blown out. 

Those who were there witnessed the beautiful glow of the candlelight illuminating the amulets and the place was serene and solemn. Offerings were made to a big photograph of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh that was placed in the hall to invite him to witness and preside over the blessings ceremony. 

On 5th Nov, B.E. 2495, the 2nd mass chanting was to be performed on the completed amulets prior to distribution to the public. At the auspicious hour of 4.20 pm, the victory candles were lighted and all the monks, phrams (white robed Brahmins) and devotees bowed down and paid respects to the Buddha and the president of the ceremony. 

After a short chanting to the Buddha and chanting the invitation of the Devas, a speech was delivered by the president of the ceremony. The motive of making these batch of Somdet amulets was to distribute and remind people of the Buddhism and to follow its doctrine. It was also to carry on the lineage of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh of his famous Somdet amulets. Consecrating a big quantity was to allow as many people as possible to have a piece that contains the legacy of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh.

After the speech was delivered, a group of 12 monks who were invited to perform mass chanting on the amulets, whom participated in the main chanting to complete the consecration of the amulets were:

1. Luang Pu Nak, Wat Rakhang.
2. Luang Phor Sodh, Wat Paknam. 
3. Luang Pu Puak, Wat King Keaw.
4. Luang Phor Chuang, Wat Bang Pae Rok Tai.
5. Luang Pu Rian, Wat Nongbua.
6. Luang Phor Roong, Wat Thakrabue.
7. Phra Palad Taeng Guay, Wat Pradoochimplee.
8. Luang Phor Chong, Wat Natangnok.
9. Luang Phor Nor, Wat Klang Tharua.
10. Luang Phor Samniang, Wat Weruwanaram.
11. Luang Phor Chaeng, Wat Bang Pang.
12. Luang Phor Ha, Wat Don Gai Dee.

After the ceremony was over, the amulets were distributed out to everyone whom attended the ceremony.

Lp Mien Wat Ban Ja Niang


Lp Mien Wat Ban Ja Niang 
Phra Pidta Nur Nawat BE2556 
Made 199pcs 
Roon Mien Sarapad Neuk
( Think of Everything )
Hp +6591330138

Lp Mien was born in Cambodia and famous in Buriram
Became a novice monk at the age of 10 years old
He studied with 12 Ajahn from Cambodia ,
Ajahn Loon is 1 of his master , during the war time in Cambodia , Lp Mien leave the Buddhist monk hood and in BE2519 he ordination again and he moved to Sisaket Province and currently he is at Buriram , appointed Abbot of Wat Ja Niang in the year 2536 , still today people believed he is great in making Herb and Metta Maha Niyom amulets , his Phra Kunpaen Roon1 have many great feedback
He is also good friend with Lp Jaem and Lp Thammarangsi



LP Moon Ban Wat Jan 
Nang Pim Maek (Sit on the Cloud) 
Roon Maha Som Pattana.BE2543 
Chanted in Wat Chap Lam Yi 
Hp +6591330138.

Luang Phu Moon image on cloud This is a rare Luang Phu Moon amulet collection made with Chomphunoot powder which many legendary in Metta Mahasanae & old sacred concretion and made few pieces, this fascinating piece of. amulet is a worthy amulet collection.There are many devotees of Luang Phu moon include amulet collectors they can feel in supernatural power themselves which good in Metta Mahasanae or someone experience good support trading to success. “Luang Phu Moon Nang Mek” is a name. of this model, created by Luang Phu moon, of Wat Banjarn, Sisaket, is considered an Arahant in Thailand, and his Legend is One of Great renunciation and purity.He is a Master Gaeji Ajarn who is believed to have very powerful Puttakom (Buddha. . Magic power), who lived alone over 40 years in forest.Luang Phu Moon was a monk who possessed various Abhinya Miracle Powers. His amulets are also imbuing with powerfull specially montra in originality branch of knowledge.He is currently one of Thailands most famous Guru. Monks, whose amulets are of the most sought in amulet movement.This amulet good in Mahasanae (powerfull montra in the great charm), Maha Metta (to be greatly loved by others all around), Maha Jamrern (success and continuing prosperity), Mahalarp. . (Great fortune), Maha Phokhasap (able to increase your assets), Serm Duang Chata (reinforce to glory life), Klaew Klaad (free from all harms and protect from all dangers)

KB KamFan Wat Korchoke


KB KamFan Wat Korchoke
Phra KunPaen Pim Yai 
Roon Pai Por Tong (Gold Bodhi Tree} BE2558
Made 299pcs Only

Chanted by 
KB Kanfan Wat Korchoke
KB Boon Tan Wat Ya Pai
LP Ket Wat Sun Ton Padit
LP Sanom Wat Pa Pang Lerng
LP Wichai Wat Tam Pa Jom
kB Pa Dung Wat Pa Peng
KB Noi Wat Si Don Moon
KB Oar Wat Pra Trad Doi Wet
KB Jan Ta Rang Si Wat Kru Toa
Kb pan wat puttabat hoa tom
KB Sai Tong Wat Pa Mai Deang
LP Aun Wat Tam Ko Sok
LP Kam Bo Wat Mai Ban Tan
LP Udom Wat Satid Tammaram
LP Leung Wat Sading Tong
LP Tong Pun Wat Pa Pu Ka Tea
LP Lee Wat Pa Nong Tap Ler
LP Plien Wat Arun Wiwet 
LP Boon Aom Wat Pa Non Paeng
LP PaiBoon Wat Ar Narayo Lippa Ya Ram
LP BorKet Wat Pa Pang Geud
LP Soon Wat Pa It Sa Ra Tam
AJ Utai Wat Pa Hoi Lad
AJ Som Pong Wat Pu Tap Far
LP Son Wat Pa Ban Pok
LP Ja Reun Wat Tam Pak Peng
LP Kong Wat Panaboon
Par Putti Sara Tara Wat Pa Simahatad
AJ Choawarat Wat Ta Wang Hin
AJ Sanong Wat Pa Don Ban Tern
Luang Ta Ma Wat Tam Meung Na
AJ Samai Wat Boon Ya Nu Son
KB Dong Jan Wat Si Jom
LP Sor Wat Pa Kam Ken Neur 
KB Won Wat Dong Ki Lek
LP Boon Choy Wat Son Tam Yai
KB Sai Wat Rong Kud
AJ Satan Wat Bor Kang

Content Ashes & Bone from 
Chao Kun Upali 
Lp Sao , Lp Tate , Lp Ter 
Lp Phang , Lp Dun , Lp Bua 
Lp Jan , Lp Sing , Lp Sim
Lp Fann , Lp Kao , Lp Kamdee 
Lp Onn , Lp Sum , Lp Waen 
Lp Phut , Lp Oun , Lp Lar 
Lp Kampan , Lp Boon , Lp Chob 
Lp Boonjan , AJ Wan , Lp Chah 
Lp Sira , Lp Boonmee , Lp Boonma 
Lp Jansom , Lp Kamdee , Lp Rian 
Lp Onnsa , Lp Thonginn , Lp Kamsen 
Lp Luang , Lp RakRewTo , Lp Jiak

Rice from 
Lp Fann , Lp Kao , Lp Tate 
Lp Kan , Lp Ken , Luang Ta Maha Bua 
Lp Sim , Lp Toh , Lp Rian 
Lp Chob , Lp Buddha , Lp Waen 
Lp Sum , Lp Luang , Lp La 
Lp Suwan , Lp Prasit , Lp Dun

Chanmak from 
Lp Waen , Lp Tate , Lp Fann 
Lp Lee , Lp La , Lp Jiak 
Lp Suwan , Lp Prasit , Luang Ta Maha Bua 
Lp Phut , Lp Dun , Lp Sum

Kuti Wood from
Lp Mun , Lp Sao , Lp Chob 
Lp Waen , Lp Kao

Content Hair of 
Lp Tate , Lp Waen , Lp Sim 
Lp Rian , Lp Jan , Lp Phut 
Lp Thongbua , Lp ThongPoon 
Lp Thong Inn , Lp Sang , Lp Bua Ket 
Lp Ruk Rewto , Lp Prasit , Lp Plien 
Lp Jiak , Luang Ta Maha Bua

Content Holy Powder such as –
1. Lp Mun Locket Wat Pa Darapirom BE2554 holy powder 
2. Lp Waen powder 2516
3. Lp Sim powder 2517
4. Lp Lee Wat Asdkaram powder 2500 
5. Lp Boonjan 
6. Lp Prasit Somdej 1st batch powder 
7. Lp Jan Powder 
8. Lp Plien Pidta powder
9. Lp Sang Phra Rod powder 
10. Lp Rian Somdej 9 Mongkoon powder 
11. Lp Boonmee Pidta powder 
12. Lp Phang 1st Batch powder 
13. Lp ThongBua Roop Muen powder 
14. Lp Chom Pidta powder
15. Lp La PuJoKo Pidta Powder
16. Lp Fann Somdej Sarapradee powder 
17. Lp Kao Powder 
18. Wat Chedi Luang 600 years old Somdej Powder
19. Chao Kun Nor 2513 powder
20. Lp Buddha 1st Batch Somdej powder 
21. Maechee Boonlern Putto Noi powder
22. Phra Kong 1300 Years Old powder 
23. Lp Put Phra Puttanimit powder
24. Lp Ter Phra AngKan powder 
25. Powder of Nampaya Unarom 2519 
26. Lp Mun Sisato 2517 powder 
27. Lp Phang 1st Batch Tok Moo powder
28. Lp Terng Onn powder 
29. Lp Koon powder 
30. Lp JanSom Somdej powder 
31. Luang Ta Maha Bua Tok Moo powder 
32. Ajahn Wan powder 
33. KB Sivichai Roon 700 Pi 
34. Wat Dong Jan powder
35. LPT Roon Bae Tong powder
36. SankarajYansanwon Wat Bowon powder
37. Lp Doo Wat Sakae powder
38. Wat Pak Nam 1st , 2nd and 3rd Batch powder
39. Soil from Lp Mun Kuti 
40.Soil from Lp Waen Kuti 
41. Soil from Luang Ta Maha Bua Kuti 
42. Pong Lek Nam Pi 
43. Powder Coconut Shell 
44. Powder Pidta Lp Kaew Wat Kerwan 
45. Incense Powder from Wat Sorthon , Lp Kao , Lp Moon 
46. Powder from Lp Tim Foundation 
47. Coffin Tack from Lp Jan Wat Chedi Luang & Lp Thongbua
48. Powder from Ancient Book



Lp Waen Rain Maha Setti
Nur ThongDeang BE2520 with Code ( Niyom )

Original Unworn Condition
Rian Maha Setthi (Medal of Billionaire)
– Forever Rich & Prosperity.
Behind of the medal with a Garuda represented wearer with Charismatic Power and Money Bag represent great wealth