KB Oar Wat Pra Trad Doi Wet
1st Batch Hanuman Nur ThongKam BE2557
Lor Boran Made 9pcs only ( PURE GOLD )
Roon Maha Wet Pai Chan Pen
Chanted on Full Moon Day
Come with A” Grade Diamond ( 21pcs )
Water Proof Gold Casing

Win 1st Prize 28 Dec 2557 Lampoon
Win 1st Prize 4 Apr 2558 Lampang
Win 1st Prize 23 Aug 2558 Chiangmai
Win 1st Prize 29 Nov 2558 Lampoon

Made by LP Tim Foundation ( Mr Sinnapon )
The same person that help Lp Tim of Wat Lahanrai , make Phra Kring Chinnapanchon
Using the same design as Lp Tim Wat Lahanrai Hanuman design



Sangkarat Yangsangwon Wat Bowon
1st Batch Somdej BE2517

Win 4th Prize TOT 24 Jan 2559

Sangkarat Yangsangwon arranged the creation of Pra Somdej Suk-Toh to commemorate the raising of the 9-tiered umbrella for the Buddha image at Wat Bowon by Majesties King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit. The day was 5 July 2517
This batch was made with great significance & sanctity for its association with the Royal Patronage, the Great 9 tiered White Umbrella and the grand statue of Praput Suwanket of Wat Bowon.

Content –
Hairs of pass Sangkarat

Somdej Krom Phraya Vajirananavarorasa (Prince Manusyanagamanob)
BE2453 – BE2464

Somdej Kromma Luang Vajirananavong
BE2488 – BE2501

Broken fragments of the legendary Somdej amulets of Somdej Toh, Wat Rakang

Broken fragments from Somdej Pilan, Wat Rakang



Lp Ferng Wat Nok
Phra Somdej Pim 3 Chan BE2460

Win 2nd Prize 29 Nov 2558 Rayong

Chanted By Lp Ferng Wat Nok and Lp Suk Wat Makhamtao
Lp Ferng learn from many great master even Lp Klan Wat Phayatikaram had high respect for Lp Ferng .

He was a quiet and dedicated monk who preferred to practice and study sacred sciences alone.

It is recorded that he had been offered high ranking positions on a number of occasions and refused not wanting recognition beyond his current status.

Ultimately he has become one of the most highly respected and sacred monks of his generation.






Lp Nong Wat Klong Madan
Phra Somdej BE2468

^^^ Senior of Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho ^^^
Won 2nd Prize BITEC 31 May 2558
Won 2nd Prize Sakon Nakon 14 Jun 2558
Won 2nd Prize Kon Kaen 12 July 2558
Come with G Par Authentic Certificate

Before the Great Guru LP Niam of Wat Noi, Suphanburi, passed away in B.E.2453, he had told LP Parn of Wat BangnomKho, ” my son, if I die and you have any unclear Dhamma or Visha, please go to see LP Nong–he will take my place.”

Great Lp Nong is also Master of
Lp Sod Wat Pak Nam
Lp Kruen Wat Sangkositaram ( Master of Lp Lum Wat Samakkeetham )
Lp Toh Wat Wat Pradoochinpee

LP Nong was a very comprehensive miraculous Guru. The few square meter of land he stepping on for Dhamma Practice is a little bit wet for soft stepping. One day he was walking on the temple field, a strange sound emerged from the ground underneath,” Nong….Nong…..there are Buddha remains underneath the field you are stepping on, please build a Jedi to cover the spot to protect people from stepping because it’s a great sin to walk over the Buddha remains.” Not long after that LP Nong built a Jedi at the spot.

There was a Phra Borom Dhat (Buddha remain) sprang out from the palate in his mouth. Once LP Parn asked him, ” Guru, it’s widely said that you have a Buddha remain in your mouth, is that true? ” LP Nong nodded his head with a little smile. Then, LP Parn pay a respect to the Guru.

LP Nong highly respected a small Buddha statue in his Kuti. He would ask the Buddha statue for every important activity. When he was a young monk, he wished to build a Big Buddha statue, but still had no idea how to find an artisan to sculpt the statue. He asked his little Buddha how to solve the problem. The Buddha statue told him that just walk along the road enroute to Ayuthaya, ” you will see the old man with the white cloth, it’s he will help you.”

LP Nong followed the Buddha statue advice, he met the old man waiting to present food for him. After the food was put into LP Nong’s bowl, the old man said, ” Guru, I heard that you are planning to build a big Buddha statue.”

The LP nodded his head. And the old man said, ” so, I will go to you temple to help sculpt and cast the Buddha statue.” Three days later, the old man really came to Wat KlongMadan.

The old man helped sculpt and cast a beautiful big Buddha statue. After finished his work, he left the temple quietly. No one knew when and where did he go. LP Nong wanted to pay him for sculpting the statute. So he walked along the same route to the place where he had met the old man and asked local people about him, but no one knew him.

After coming back to his Kuti, LP Nong asked his small Buddha statue about the old man, the statue said, ” no need to find the old man because he is not ordinary person, but the Deva.”

LP Nong passed away in B.E.2477 at the age of 68. The posture of his pass-away is side-reclining with his two hands at the chest level paying last respect to Lord Buddha. His body is undecomposed as same as his Guru LP Niam. And LP Parn passed away 4 years later in B.E.2481, LP Parn’s body was also



Lp Prink Wat Bangpakok
Phra Pim Phra Kong Nur Rae ( Mineral )
Won 2nd Prize at Nakhon Sawan 16 Feb 2556
Won 1st Prize at Phayao 24 Nov 2556

LP Prink born on BE2413. LP Prink was the Master for the Royal Son of the King Rama V, HRH Prince Chumbhornket Udomsak and he is also Uncle of Mae Chee Boonren ,His amulet is very famous for wealth & metta mahaniyom. LP Prink attended many grand blessing ceremony such as Chinnaraj Indochine BE2485. LP Prink passed away on 17th August BE2490 at the age of 78 years old.
1 of the most popular Amulets from Great Lp Prink



Lp Chaeng Wat Bang Phang
Somdej Pim Hanuman BE2484
Win 3rd Prize Phitsalulok 3 April 2559

Luang Phor Chaeng born on 18th December BE2428. He entered Buddhist monkhood at the age of 20. He learned from several great masters, such as Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Hia, Luang Phor Khai Wat Choeng Lane, Luang Phor Chay Wat Phananchoeng, Luang Phor Sukh Wat Pak Klong Makam Tao, Luang Phor Parn Wat Bang Nom Kho & Luang Phor Chong Wat Natangnok. Luang Phor Chaeng passed away on 26th July BE2500 at the age of 72.

KB KamFan Wat Korchoke


KB KamFan Wat Korchoke
Phra KunPaen Pim Yai
Made 299pcs Only
Roon Pai Por Tong (Gold Bodhi Tree} BE2558


Chanted by
KB Kanfan Wat Korchoke
KB Boon Tan Wat Ya Pai
LP Ket Wat Sun Ton Padit
LP Sanom Wat Pa Pang Lerng
LP Wichai Wat Tam Pa Jom
kB Pa Dung Wat Pa Peng
KB Noi Wat Si Don Moon
KB Oar Wat Pra Trad Doi Wet
KB Jan Ta Rang Si Wat Kru Toa
Kb pan wat puttabat hoa tom
KB Sai Tong Wat Pa Mai Deang
LP Aun Wat Tam Ko Sok
LP Kam Bo Wat Mai Ban Tan
LP Udom Wat Satid Tammaram
LP Leung Wat Sading Tong
LP Tong Pun Wat Pa Pu Ka Tea
LP Lee Wat Pa Nong Tap Ler
LP Plien Wat Arun Wiwet
LP Boon Aom Wat Pa Non Paeng
LP PaiBoon Wat Ar Narayo Lippa Ya Ram
LP BorKet Wat Pa Pang Geud
LP Soon Wat Pa It Sa Ra Tam
AJ Utai Wat Pa Hoi Lad
AJ Som Pong Wat Pu Tap Far
LP Son Wat Pa Ban Pok
LP Ja Reun Wat Tam Pak Peng
LP Kong Wat Panaboon
Par Putti Sara Tara Wat Pa Simahatad
AJ Choawarat Wat Ta Wang Hin
AJ Sanong Wat Pa Don Ban Tern
Luang Ta Ma Wat Tam Meung Na
AJ Samai Wat Boon Ya Nu Son
KB Dong Jan Wat Si Jom
LP Sor Wat Pa Kam Ken Neur
KB Won Wat Dong Ki Lek
LP Boon Choy Wat Son Tam Yai
KB Sai Wat Rong Kud
AJ Satan Wat Bor Kang

Content Ashes & Bone from
Chao Kun Upali
Lp Sao , Lp Tate , Lp Ter
Lp Phang , Lp Dun , Lp Bua
Lp Jan , Lp Sing , Lp Sim
Lp Fann , Lp Kao , Lp Kamdee
Lp Onn , Lp Sum , Lp Waen
Lp Phut , Lp Oun , Lp Lar
Lp Kampan , Lp Boon , Lp Chob
Lp Boonjan , AJ Wan , Lp Chah
Lp Sira , Lp Boonmee , Lp Boonma
Lp Jansom , Lp Kamdee , Lp Rian
Lp Onnsa , Lp Thonginn , Lp Kamsen
Lp Luang , Lp RakRewTo , Lp Jiak

Rice from
Lp Fann , Lp Kao , Lp Tate
Lp Kan , Lp Ken , Luang Ta Maha Bua
Lp Sim , Lp Toh , Lp Rian
Lp Chob , Lp Buddha , Lp Waen
Lp Sum , Lp Luang , Lp La
Lp Suwan , Lp Prasit , Lp Dun

Chanmak from
Lp Waen , Lp Tate , Lp Fann
Lp Lee , Lp La , Lp Jiak
Lp Suwan , Lp Prasit , Luang Ta Maha Bua
Lp Phut , Lp Dun , Lp Sum

Kuti Wood from
Lp Mun , Lp Sao , Lp Chob
Lp Waen , Lp Kao

Content Hair of
Lp Tate , Lp Waen , Lp Sim
Lp Rian , Lp Jan , Lp Phut
Lp Thongbua , Lp ThongPoon
Lp Thong Inn , Lp Sang , Lp Bua Ket
Lp Ruk Rewto , Lp Prasit , Lp Plien
Lp Jiak , Luang Ta Maha Bua

Content Holy Powder such as –
1. Lp Mun Locket Wat Pa Darapirom BE2554 holy powder
2. Lp Waen powder 2516
3. Lp Sim powder 2517
4. Lp Lee Wat Asdkaram powder 2500
5. Lp Boonjan
6. Lp Prasit Somdej 1st batch powder
7. Lp Jan Powder
8. Lp Plien Pidta powder
9. Lp Sang Phra Rod powder
10. Lp Rian Somdej 9 Mongkoon powder
11. Lp Boonmee Pidta powder
12. Lp Phang 1st Batch powder
13. Lp ThongBua Roop Muen powder
14. Lp Chom Pidta powder
15. Lp La PuJoKo Pidta Powder
16. Lp Fann Somdej Sarapradee powder
17. Lp Kao Powder
18. Wat Chedi Luang 600 years old Somdej Powder
19. Chao Kun Nor 2513 powder
20. Lp Buddha 1st Batch Somdej powder
21. Maechee Boonlern Putto Noi powder
22. Phra Kong 1300 Years Old powder
23. Lp Put Phra Puttanimit powder
24. Lp Ter Phra AngKan powder
25. Powder of Nampaya Unarom 2519
26. Lp Mun Sisato 2517 powder
27. Lp Phang 1st Batch Tok Moo powder
28. Lp Terng Onn powder
29. Lp Koon powder
30. Lp JanSom Somdej powder
31. Luang Ta Maha Bua Tok Moo powder
32. Ajahn Wan powder
33. KB Sivichai Roon 700 Pi
34. Wat Dong Jan powder
35. LPT Roon Bae Tong powder
36. SankarajYansanwon Wat Bowon powder
37. Lp Doo Wat Sakae powder
38. Wat Pak Nam 1st , 2nd and 3rd Batch powder
39. Soil from Lp Mun Kuti
40.Soil from Lp Waen Kuti
41. Soil from Luang Ta Maha Bua Kuti
42. Pong Lek Nam Pi
43. Powder Coconut Shell
44. Powder Pidta Lp Kaew Wat Kerwan
45. Incense Powder from Wat Sorthon , Lp Kao , Lp Moon
46. Powder from Lp Tim Foundation
47. Coffin Tack from Lp Jan Wat Chedi Luang & Lp Thongbua
48. Powder from Ancient Book



Lp Parn Wat Bang Hia
Takrut Salika ( 1.6 Inch )
Hp +6591330138
Come with G – Pra Authentic Certificate
Veriflied in Phitsalulok Contest 3 April 2559

LP Parn was born in BE 2368 in Tambon Klong Dan. As a young lad he was accepted as a novice monk at Wat Arun, Bangkok where he studied Dhama and Kom to a reasonable proficiency before returning home to help his parents on the family farm.

At the age of 20 he returned to Wat Arun to be ordained a monk. and studied diligently under many Buddhist preceptors and is known to have excelled in meditation.

At a later date he moved to Wat Bang Hia, Amphur Bang Bo where he continued to study and was noted for his strict adherence to Lord Buddhas Dhama. In fact the Abbot gave him the responsibility of taking care of and educating the young novice monks.

From this temple he travelled into the surrounding forests and jungles to practice higher level meditation which also presented him the opportunity to learn many occult sciences (witayakom) from some very well known ascetics, including Aakom, Saiyasat (black magic) and Wetmon (incantation/spells) from Ajahn Nan, in short the specialised knowledge with which to create amulets.

Having become proficient and knowledgeable in many disciplines, he was the first choice to take up the position of Abbot at Wat Bang Hia when it became vaccant.

Whilst practicing in the style of an ascetic monk from the austere forest tradition,(Tudong) spending prolonged periods of time in forests and jungles to practice meditation he by chance met Luang Phor Wat Grabok, Rayong province. They jointly decided to go and learn incantations for tiger magic from Ajahn Tee, and also Ajahn Nan both who were widely known as highly proficient in this science.

This in itself was not an easy task as being accepted as a student required that certain tests bge passed to determine suitability, tests that involved wild tigers that must be called into the monks presence. In fact Luang Phor Parn passed the test whilst his companion decided that he was not suited and declined to continue but found fame in other sciences.

Luang Phor Parn was described as possessing Miraculous Magic or Aakom Klang due in part to his highly developed meditative powers. In fact it was widely believed that his powers increased exponentially during the period of the waxing moon and he possessed tyhe ability to transfigure taking on the form of a snake.

As he had studied this highly specialised branch of magic he began to use that knowledge to create tiger amulets initially for local villagers

Wat Bang Hia

In former times fresh water tributaries originating from Bpaet Liw would pass through the jungles that surrounded the temple on their way to the ocean at Samut Prakan. However at high tide the currents would often reverse with salt water salt flowing in land and contaminating fresh water sources. This natural phenomena was the cause severe hardship for many local farmers that depended on water to irtrgate crops. Not only that the irrigation channels became invested with crocodile.

The temple which sat on a major canal, Klong Baang, was responsible for maintaining an important flood gate. Dissatisfied locals blamed the temple for poor maintenance and used the derogatory term/expression ”hia” or Wat Klong Baang Hia, which lierally translated means something akin to ”Damn Temple”.

In fact in the year BE 2443 the gate failed completely and such was the seriousness of this event that it was brought to the attention of King Chulalongkorn who as a resuilt decided to personally visit and inspect the site himself where he remained for three days whilst the repair work was undertaken and to preside over the opening ceremony.

This extended stay presented an opportuinity for the people to express gratitude. Luang Phor Parn created a specially engraved tiger tooth amulet which he offered as a gift to His Majesty.

His Majesty described Luang Phor Parn as an extraordinary monk , a monk that had already been enlightened having reached the status of an arahant