Somdej Pilan Wat Rakang
Phra Somdej Pim Sorng Chan BE2407 – 11
Come with Water Proof Gold Casing
Won 4th Prize Chaeng Wattana 21 Jun 2558
Hp +65 91330138

In around B.E.2407 , Somdej Toh of Rakang Temple . He was too old to continue serving in the capacity of the cheif abbot .Thus , He passed his job to his deputy Somdej Pilan who succeeded Somdej Toh to become Chief Abbot of Wat Rakang , Somdej Pilan then build buddhist amulets that made from palm leaves powder and invited his teacher Somdej Toh to join in the making of these budhist amulets , this amulets of Somdej Pilan were then kept inside the big pagoda at Wat Rakang . As part of the materials used in making Phra Pilan , Somdej Toh gave him 5 types of his sacred powder for the blending , apart from this , Somdej Toh also participated in the incantation ceremony with Somdej Pilan




Lp Kam Wat Par Ngern
Phra Somdej Pim Kai Lang Yant Pa Ya Tao BE247X
Come with Uamulets Authentic Certificate
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Lp Kam is companion of Lp Parn Wat Bang Nom Ko , Lp Nak Wat Kong Ka and Lp Boon Wat Kang Bang Kaew.
People believed that they share the same knowledge.

Lp Kam is Famous for making Somdej Lang ” PA YA TAO ” Amulets and is very good for metta maha niyom , maha sa nae and also change bad luck to good luck




Lp Lek left from photo
Lp lersi lingdam right from photo


Lp Lek Wat Bangnomkho
Phra Somdej Pong YantKorPetch BE2482-83
Use 100% powder from Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho
Come with Uamulets Authentic Certificate
Hp +65 91330138

Lp lek Wat Bangnomkho is close disciple of Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho
Lp Lek learn making powder YantKorPetch and treatment for Patient from Lp Parn
After Lp Parn passaway , Lp lek took over the temple as Chao Ar Wat ” Chief Monk ” and got inherit from Lp Parn , Soon Lp Lek started to made amulets using Lp Parn Pong YankorPetch , above pcs show here Phra Somdej Pong YantKorPetch BE2482-83
Use 100% powder from Lp Parn



Phra Kunpaen Kru BangKang
Prai Kuu Thad Deaw Pim Nak Glom
( Very nice and deep mould )
Win 4th Prize Nakon Pathom 30 Aug 2558
Win 4th Prize Chaeng Wattana 6 Sep 2558

Win 3rd Prize Chaeng Wattana 4 Oct 2558
Hp +65 91330138
Bangkang Temple is located at Sri-Chan District , Supanburi Province . It was built in Ayuttaya Era 400 Years ago by King Nare Suan , who was the greatest King of Thailand , with his restoration of independence from Myanmar invansion . During the war with Myanmar , King Nare Suan lead the troops to fight againt the enemy , he built Phra Khun Paen at Bang Kang Temple for the soldiers to wear these Buddhist Amulets in order to boost their morale , after having won the war , soldiers kept all Phra Khun Paen at Bang Kang Temple inside Pagoda .
Phra Khun Paen of Bang Kang Temple comprise about 30 moulds , but only some moulds are popular such as SONG POL YAI , SONG POL LEK , BIG CHEST , SMALL CHEST , DEVA FACE , PHRA PRA THAN , HERMIT FACE , MAYOM LEAF , SOFT ARM , FISH BONES , etc ….
The Materials used for making Phra Khun Paen , Irrespective of the type of moulds , are all the same in the form of rough soils mixed with pebbles and sands , others characteristics of Phra Khun Paen appering on the surface include ( Red Dots called VAN DOK MAKARM ) and Golden and Silver sands .