Phra Leela Kru Kamphaeng Phet
Nur Chin Ngern
About 600 to 700 Years old
Win 1st Prize ( CERT READY )
Hp +6591330138

1 of the oldest and most popular Phra Leela in whole thailand



Lp Nong Wat Klong Madan
Phra KhunPaen BE246X

^^^ Senior of Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho ^^^
Win 3rd Prize Bitec 31 May 2558
Win 1st Prize Sakorn Nakorn 14 Jun 2558
Win 4th Prize Cheang Wattana 21 Jun 2558
Win 1st Prize Kon Kean 12 July 2558
Before the Great Guru LP Niam of Wat Noi, Suphanburi, passed away in B.E.2453, he had told LP Parn of Wat BangnomKho, ” my son, if I die and you have any unclear Dhamma or Visha, please go to see LP Nong–he will take my place.”

Great Lp Nong is also Master of
Lp Sod Wat Pak Nam
Lp Kruen Wat Sangkositaram ( Master of Lp Lum Wat Samakkeetham )
Lp Toh Wat Wat Pradoochinpee

LP Nong was a very comprehensive miraculous Guru. The few square meter of land he stepping on for Dhamma Practice is a little bit wet for soft stepping. One day he was walking on the temple field, a strange sound emerged from the ground underneath,” Nong….Nong…..there are Buddha remains underneath the field you are stepping on, please build a Jedi to cover the spot to protect people from stepping because it’s a great sin to walk over the Buddha remains.” Not long after that LP Nong built a Jedi at the spot.

There was a Phra Borom Dhat (Buddha remain) sprang out from the palate in his mouth. Once LP Parn asked him, ” Guru, it’s widely said that you have a Buddha remain in your mouth, is that true? ” LP Nong nodded his head with a little smile. Then, LP Parn pay a respect to the Guru.

LP Nong highly respected a small Buddha statue in his Kuti. He would ask the Buddha statue for every important activity. When he was a young monk, he wished to build a Big Buddha statue, but still had no idea how to find an artisan to sculpt the statue. He asked his little Buddha how to solve the problem. The Buddha statue told him that just walk along the road enroute to Ayuthaya, ” you will see the old man with the white cloth, it’s he will help you.”

LP Nong followed the Buddha statue advice, he met the old man waiting to present food for him. After the food was put into LP Nong’s bowl, the old man said, ” Guru, I heard that you are planning to build a big Buddha statue.”

The LP nodded his head. And the old man said, ” so, I will go to you temple to help sculpt and cast the Buddha statue.” Three days later, the old man really came to Wat KlongMadan.

The old man helped sculpt and cast a beautiful big Buddha statue. After finished his work, he left the temple quietly. No one knew when and where did he go. LP Nong wanted to pay him for sculpting the statute. So he walked along the same route to the place where he had met the old man and asked local people about him, but no one knew him.

After coming back to his Kuti, LP Nong asked his small Buddha statue about the old man, the statue said, ” no need to find the old man because he is not ordinary person, but the Deva.”

LP Nong passed away in B.E.2477 at the age of 68. The posture of his pass-away is side-reclining with his two hands at the chest level paying last respect to Lord Buddha. His body is undecomposed as same as his Guru LP Niam. And LP Parn passed away 4 years later in B.E.2481, LP Parn’s body was also undecomposed


LP Lersi LingDam Wat ThaSung



LP Lersi LingDam Wat ThaSung
Phra Kam Keow BE2533 ( Chinnaraj )
Blok Niyom
Come with Uamulets Authentic Certificate
Hp +65 91330138

Luang Phor studied Dharma and Magical knowledge from many gurus since 1937 to 1941 such as
LP Parn Wat BangNomKo
LP Jong Wat NaTangNok
Phra Arjarn Lek Wat BangNomKo
Phra Kru RattanaPirom Wat Ban Pan
Phra Kru Udom Samajarn Wat Nam Tao
LP Soon Wat Bang Pla Mor
LP Niem Wat Noi
LP Nong Wat Ampawan

Lp Opasi Wat Arsom Bangmok



Lp Opasi Wat Arsom Bangmok
Phra Somdej BE2480 ( RARE )
Mix with 108 Herb , Pong Pao Ki Lat ,
Soil from 9 Most Lucky Place
Best Somdej for Luck and Protection

Silver Casing with Gold Plated Longya
Come with DD PRA Authentic Certificate
Hp +65 91330138

LP Opasi was born in 1898 and had 7 siblings. He began his monastic studies at 5 years of age and became a novice at Wat Tai at age 13. His teacher noticed that he was a gifted student and advised him to go to a larger city to complete his studies, which made the young LP Opasi travel to Wat Tah-Po, and then to Bangkok to study Pali in Wat Bawon. LP Opasi liked to study and learned several languages. He spoke English, Tamoul, Malai, Japanese, Pali and several other languages. He was the disciple of the Very Worthy LP Kob (a monk of Chinese extraction to the miraculous capacity) of Wat Koa Salika in Lopburi. Although they never met physically, they communicated remotely by telepathy during their meditations and thus LP Kob transmitted its teaching to LP Opasi. The Very Worthy LP Kob had developed a technique of meditation based on the concentration on a flame, He had the incredible capacity to maintain such a concentration with out interruption during very long periods (40 days without eating nor sleeping) LP Kob transmitted this knowledge and this technique to LP Opasi. When LP Opasi reached the highest level of study, Hes behavior started to change in a strange way, it started from the technique of contemplate flames for long periods . He observed the preceptes strictly, and in particular refused all the gifts which was made to him, He burned them by saying that these objects were temptations which will make him unhappy and that the fire was the solution to this problem. On one occasion LP Opasi failed to put out the fire at Wat Bawon, this made the villagers very dissatisfied. They didenĀ“t understand why LP Opasi behaved like this? and many villagers thought that he had quite simply become insane… Very Worthy Phra Sanghara Zao required that LP Opasi should leave Wat Bawon, but he was at once invited by Worthy Ajarn Bow to come and join him at Wat Arsom Bangmok. During the years that passed in Wat Arsom Bangmok, LP Opasi became very famous for hes gifts of clairvoyances, indeed it was never mistaken in any of hes predictions. Hes fame became so big that faithful disciples came from far to see him from morning to the evening to know their future, or to ask him to preform a miracle for them, that made LP Opasi to not have any time for hes meditations! He then decided to carry out amulets to give as gifts of clairvoyances to those which would carry them and to give them to the visitors that asked him to predict their future, and ask them to leave him in peace. During these years he made also other amulets, bronze Garuda amulet, pentacles and portraits of him self and King Rama V. Nowadays these amulets all are in private collections. Many copies were made, and it is extremely difficult to get the real objects blessed by LP Opasi. In 1955, LP Opasi and two of hes disciples where invited to a Buddhist gathering in India to be held from October 28. LP Opasi called to hes two disciples to leave before him and that he would join them later. He also told them that he will not be on the spot before October 31 and to warn the organizers of his delay and the date of its arrival. October 31 many of his disciples went to the airport to wish LP Opasi a happy voyage, but it did not come, a few days later the death of LP Opasi was announced. In fact, in the evening, LP Opasi warned hes monks that he was going to remain in meditation several days and to not disturb him under any circumstance, then he went in he kuti. He stayed there until a anxious monk decides to go and see whether LP Opasi were well or not, he enters the kuti to find LP Opasi in a state having all the aspect of death. During this time, in India, the two disciples of LP Opasi attended the Buddhist gathering in company of LP Opasi. Lp Opasi spoke with many other Buddhists dignitaries and gave even a state education in front of several hundreds of people, even photos of this occasion has being taken. LP Opasi said goodbye to its two disciples, and told them that he was going to return to Thailand only by separate means of transport. When they arrived the disciples had a hard time believing the news of LP Opasis death, everyone believed that they had become insane when they said to have spent the last days in his company… Only the testimony of several other monks present and the photographs in India of LP Opasi proved the veracity of their incredible history. Each year the coffin of LP Opasi is opened, his body has not decomposed and his finger nails and hair is cut. This is a common thing regarding monks that have become enlightened, The body will not decompose or if the body is burned the bones will turn to stone or diamond