Somdej WekMun Wat Chong Pa Moon
Made around 2411 – 13

Win 3rd Prize 21 Jun 2558 Cheang Wattana
Win 1st Prize 4 Oct 2558 Cheang Wattana
Win 2nd Prize 18 Oct 2558 Pattaya
Win 1st Prize 8 Nov 2558 Loei
Win 1st Prize 29 Nov 2558 Rayong

According to Mr Ton Chai Rammabud , this pcs they believed is made by Somdej Toh
( Kamakan of Contest Table Phong Yod Niyom )
Hp +6591330138

History of Wat Chong Pa Moon Somdej
Believed to be made around year 2411 -13 , when Somdej Toh help to repair Chong Pa Moon Temple and kept this batch of Somdej in Chong Pa Moon Chedi.
Using the same powder with Somdej Wat Rakang & Somdej Wat Bang Khun Prom ,
Wat Rakang is very near Wat Chong Pa Moon
Discover in Wat Chong Pa Moon Chedi on BE2475
Contest under Table Par Phong Yod Niyom

History of Wat Ketchaiyo Somdej
Somdej Wat Ketchaiyo were discover in year 2430 when Lp Toh Buddha Chedi was broken and many people in the village was there to take this Somdej ,only when King Rama 5 asked Chao Paya Rattana BaDin to repair Lp Toh Buddha , He asked all the village to return this Holy Somdej and is keep back to the Lp Toh Buddha New Chedi and some was keep in Wat Pho Ket Chedi.
Contest Table have 2 different model for Wat Ketchaiyo
Pim Benjapakee
Par Phong Yod Niyom

History of Wat BangKunProm Somdej
Phra Somdej BangKunProm is made about Year 2411 – 13 with total of 48000pcs and kept in Chedi , was stolen by theft seen year 2425 to 2499
only untill Year BE2500 Temple decide to open up the Chedi and found only 2590 pieces .and many pieces was broken.
Contest under Table – Pim Benjapakee

Lp Fu Wat Bang Sa Mak


Lp Fu Wat Bang Sa Mak
Hanuman Nur Kalai Ngern BE2552
Hp +65 91330138
LP Foo was born on 3 Dectember BE2465.
LP was ordained at the age of 20 on 1 May BE 2485
…LP was studied magical knowledge from many guru monks in Thailand such as LP Ding of Wat BangWow, LP Boonma of WatUtTaYanTee, LP Kong of Wat WangSapparot, LP Rerm of Wat JukSamer, LP Med of Wat BuengGraJab.
LP Foo is one of monk who is full of MettaDham and KhunNaDham(Great kindness and moral).
LP Foo生于2465年12月3日,在LP 20岁的时候,他就出家修行。LP ding就是他的师父。LP的样子看起来严肃,但是心肠却非常的好。他的慈悲心,却非常的伟大,总是很多人来找他。有些人来求出家,有些人来求LP帮助


Luang Phor Cher Wat KlangBangKaew




Luang Phor Cher Wat KlangBangKaew
BiaGae Nur ThongKam BE2548 ( Pure Gold )
Made for 80 Years Old Birthday
Win 2nd Prize Chonburi 26 Apr 2558
Win 2nd Prize Chaeng Wattana 21 Jun 2558
Win 1st Prize Chiangmai 23 Aug 2558
Win 1st Prize Chaeng Wattana 6 Sep 2558
HP +6591330138