Phra Somkor Pim Kan
Kru Tung Setti

Won 3rd Prize in Kampaengphet Province

These amulets are recovered from a sacred kru in Kampaengphet Province and can be some of the rarest of all amulets that make up the Benjapakee set

Many of these pims can fetch incredible sums of money.

The Somkor pim is sometimes called the Buddha of Fortune. It was said that when these amulets were found, an inscription “Poverty will never fall on those who possesses this amulet ” was written in the chedi.

The particular amulet is Pim Kan and its Medium semi round oval shape is by far one of the best choice for the Benjapakjee set as it lends itself perfectly.

The best pims in this group originate from Kamphengphet Province ( Kru Tung Setti ) and are among the most sought by collectors , such as Pim
1. Pim Yai Mai Mee Ka Nok
2. Pim Yai Mee Ka Nok
3. Pim Kan
4. Pim Lek
5. Pim Kanom Pek

Phra Somkor normally comes in either the shape of a thumbnail, or an oval shape commonly referred to as cake amulets (kanom). They are estimated to have been made some 600 years ago.

**** Buyer Beware ****
Phra Somkor Kampaengphet Province have 2 Kru
1. Kru Tung Setti
2. Kru Mueng

Only Kru Tung Setti is Accepted as Benjapakee Set
Any Contest in Thailand , They have 2 Table for Phra Somkor Amulets
1. Phra Somkor Kru Tung Setti ( Benjapakee Table )
2 Phra Somkor Kru Meung ( Kru Nur Din Table )


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Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho
Phra Somdej Pim Kai 3 Sen
Come with Open Close Gold Casing
Hp +65 91330138
Won 4th Prize at Government Complex BKK

Lp Parn was born on JULY 16 , BE2418 in Ayuttaya Province . He Studied and Practiced incentation especially with respect to Traditional treatment of various illness as well as black magics . He was a Disciple of Lp Niam and Lp Noing during the year B.E2450 . While he was practicing Buddhist Meditation at Bang Nom Ko Temple , A Deva appeared when Lp Parn was meditation , showing a object and adivse him to make Buddhist Amulets containing the Buddha sitting on Animal with 6 image of Animal such as ( CHICKEN , GARUDA , HANUMAN , FISH , PORCUPINE AND BIRD .——– IN YEAR B.E.2460 ) , Lp Parn began to make octagonal Buddhist Amulets using Soil Material with the Buddha sitting above 1 of the 6 Animals as mention above. Lp Parn also made use of ” Yan Krok Petch ” incantation for making his Buddhist Amulets during his incantation , Metal image of 7 storeyed grass walls surrounding Wat Bang Nom Ko Appeared . 1 Day when Lp Tar of Wat Pra Neung ride his horse to visit Lp Parn at Wat Bang Nom Ko , at that moment , Lp Tar didn”t know that Lp Parn was practicing ” Yan Krok Petch ” incantation so that Lp Tar crashed into the 7 storeyed grass walls , as a result , he fell off his horse .
Lp Parn used to say that the core of making Buddhist Amulets was ” The Sacred Powders which was inserted on top of the Amulets ” It was Extremely difficult to make these sacred powders as he had to through the following steps – He had to practice Incantation inside the chapel all the time and starve himself for 7 day and night and placed the carring bowls at the 4 corners of the chapel and then sited Incantation so that Black Magics would fall into the Bowls , making loud noises all the time.
These Sacred Powder of Lp Parn could protect 1 against Black Magics
In the past , this Sacred Powders were well known for Increasing Charms and Loving-Kindness , Enriching Prosperity , Possessing Charisma in governing the subordinates