KB Sin Keow Wat Pak Kong 
1st Batch Loop Om BE2522
Come with Custom Made Silver Water Proof Casing 
Come with Pra Mueng Authentic Certificate
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KB Sin kaew was born on Thursday 20 July 2448 
Pass away at age 87 on year BE2535 with 73 Pansa 

In the earlier day KB Sin Kaew was not famous , untill 1 day when he attended a ceremony to consecrate amulets , 
someone bought a bag of amulets and ask Kruba Sin kaew to chant , after that the man took the bag of amulets for Gun Test ,
Try to shoot everyday for 7 days but not a single bullet have been shooted .

KB Sin Kaew is Disciple of KB Som of Wat Pa Dat 
( Same Era with KB Sivichai ) 
study making various subject such as – nail course , exorcism from KB Som for many years
In the olden day , many villagers ask KB Sin Kaew for help in exorcism and he was so popular during that time ,
almost everyday KB Sin Kaew need to go out of his temple to help the villagers . 
untill the people have given KB Sin kaew a Nickname ” GHOST BUSTER “

1 day KB Sin Kaew decided to make Loop Om and give to the villagers and tell them this loop om will protect u from any black magic or ghost , many do not believed that this loop om work , untill 1 man who own a hunter house for many years , came to ask KB Sin Kaew for help , KB Sin Kaew give him a piecs of loop om and ask him to put under his pillow , after few day man return and thank KB Sin kaew , and soon the news was spread out to the villagers 
Still today , KB Sin Kaew is 1 of the Best Exorcism Master and Loop Om maker in Northern Thailand .

Katha for Loop Om – Pa Ra Ma Ya Ta Sa Na



KB Tar Wat Ban Lor
1st Batch Takrut Yant Nip BE252X ( RARE )
*** No1 Phayant Maker in Whole Thailand ***
Come with Pra Mueng Authentic Certificate
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