Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho Phra Somdej Pim Kai 3 Sen


Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho
Phra Somdej Pim Kai 3 Sen
Won 3rd Prize Surat Thani 4 May 2557
Hp +65 91330138

Lp Parn was born on JULY 16 , BE2418 in Ayuttaya Province . He Studied and Practiced incentation especially with respect to Traditional treatment of various illness as well as black magics . He was a Disciple of Lp Niam and Lp Noing during the year B.E2450 . While he was practicing Buddhist Meditation at Bang Nom Ko Temple , A Deva appeared when Lp Parn was meditation , showing a object and adivse him to make Buddhist Amulets containing the Buddha sitting on Animal with 6 image of Animal such as ( CHICKEN , GARUDA , HANUMAN , FISH , PORCUPINE AND BIRD .——– IN YEAR B.E.2460 ) , Lp Parn began to make octagonal Buddhist Amulets using Soil Material with the Buddha sitting above 1 of the 6 Animals as mention above. Lp Parn also made use of ” Yan Krok Petch ” incantation for making his Buddhist Amulets during his incantation , Metal image of 7 storeyed grass walls surrounding Wat Bang Nom Ko Appeared . 1 Day when Lp Tar of Wat Pra Neung ride his horse to visit Lp Parn at Wat Bang Nom Ko , at that moment , Lp Tar didn”t know that Lp Parn was practicing ” Yan Krok Petch ” incantation so that Lp Tar crashed into the 7 storeyed grass walls , as a result , he fell off his horse .
Lp Parn used to say that the core of making Buddhist Amulets was ” The Sacred Powders which was inserted on top of the Amulets ” It was Extremely difficult to make these sacred powders as he had to through the following steps – He had to practice Incantation inside the chapel all the time and starve himself for 7 day and night and placed the carring bowls at the 4 corners of the chapel and then sited Incantation so that Black Magics would fall into the Bowls , making loud noises all the time.
These Sacred Powder of Lp Parn could protect 1 against Black Magics
In the past , this Sacred Powders were well known for Increasing Charms and Loving-Kindness , Enriching Prosperity , Possessing Charisma in governing the subordinates








Lp Parn Wat Bangnomkho
Phra Somdej Pim Hanuman Yant Taew Daew
A very Rare Pim , the Yant come in a Single Row