Somdej Nai Pau Pim Chedi Wat Inn BE2495


Somdej Nai Pau Pim Chedi
Wat Inn BE2495
Win 3rd Prize Chiangmai 26 Aug 61
Win 2nd Prize Korat 29 Sep 62
Hp +6591330138

Somdej Nai Phau Phim Chedi Wat Indraviharn BE2495. Mixed with lots of holy material such as old broken somdej from Wat Rakang and Wat Bangkhunprom. First blessing ceremony attended by 15 monks on 22nd October BE2495. Second blessing ceremony attended by 39 monks on 5th November BE2495

In BE2495, Police General Phau Sriyannonth gathered many guru monks and obtained many special amulets to create one of the best mass-chanted Somdet in Thai amulets history. This batch of Somdet was consecrated under his patronage in Wat Indraviharn (Wat Inn), Bangkok and were hence named after him as Somdet Nai Pau.

Originally, Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Nuam of Wat AnongKaram was elected to be the president of the ceremony but due to him falling ill at that period of time, Luang Pu Nak, Wat Rakhang, was selected to represent him instead.

The materials collected consisted of:

1. Broken fragments of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh Somdet amulets from Wat Rakhang and Wat Bangkhunphrom.
2. Filings of Phra Kring Wat Suthat that were consecrated in B.E. 2485.
3. Somdet amulets that were given out by Luang Pu Poo, Wat Inn.
4. Phong wiset that were leftover by Luang Phor Doem, Wat Nong Pho.
5. Many types of powder specially donated by many famous monks, etc.

The types of materials that were used to bind and mix into these raw materials were:

1. Nur Phong Kesorn (powder of crushed jasmine flower petals).
2. Nur Phong Kasen Boon Nak (special powder named after Naga).
3. Nur Phong Kesorn Bua Luang (powder of crushed lotus flower petals).
4. Nur Phong Kaset Pikoon (powder of a type of farm wood).
5. Poon Kao (limestone powder).
6. Kradat Faang (rice paper).
7. Namman Maphrao (coconut oil).
8. Dinsor Phong (chalk powder).
9. Nam Oi (sugercane), etc.

On 22nd Oct B.E. 2495, the group of 14 monks who gathered for a mass chanting to chant on materials of the amulets were:

1. Phra Thep Wae Tee, Wat Sam Phraya.
2. Phra Pawana Koht, Wat Paknam.
3. Phra Raj Molee, Wat Rakhang.
4. Phra Pawana Wikrom, Wat Rakhang.
5. Phra See Somphot, Wat Suthat.
6. Luang Phor Chaeng, Wat Bang Pang.
7. Phrakru Winai Ton, Wat Samphanthawong.
8. Phrakru Sompanyop Rakat, Wat Prodges.
9. Phra Acharn Plee, Wat Suan Ploo.
10. Phrakru Arkom Soonthorn, Wat Suthat.
11. Phra Palad Pleang, Wat Ganya Nimit,
12. Phra Acharn Baideega Banyat, Wat Suthat.
13. Phrakru Sung, Wat Indraviharn.
14. Phrakru Mongkhol Wichit, Wat Anongkaram.

The amulets were using various moulds which produced a total of 84,000 pieces and were all individually hand cut using gold knives. The amulets were collected in trays and were kept under shade, not under direct sunlight and to be dried under natural conditions.

After all the amulets were finally moulded, they were placed in the Bosth (main chanting hall) by the committee who were in charge of and were surrounded by auspicious candles that were placed in the 8 directions. The candles were watched over by committee members on a rotational basis to prevent the candles from burnt out or blown out.

Those who were there witnessed the beautiful glow of the candlelight illuminating the amulets and the place was serene and solemn. Offerings were made to a big photograph of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh that was placed in the hall to invite him to witness and preside over the blessings ceremony.

On 5th Nov, B.E. 2495, the 2nd mass chanting was to be performed on the completed amulets prior to distribution to the public. At the auspicious hour of 4.20 pm, the victory candles were lighted and all the monks, phrams (white robed Brahmins) and devotees bowed down and paid respects to the Buddha and the president of the ceremony.

After a short chanting to the Buddha and chanting the invitation of the Devas, a speech was delivered by the president of the ceremony. The motive of making these batch of Somdet amulets was to distribute and remind people of the Buddhism and to follow its doctrine. It was also to carry on the lineage of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh of his famous Somdet amulets. Consecrating a big quantity was to allow as many people as possible to have a piece that contains the legacy of Somdet Phra Buddhacharn Toh.

After the speech was delivered, a group of 12 monks who were invited to perform mass chanting on the amulets, whom participated in the main chanting to complete the consecration of the amulets were:

1. Luang Pu Nak, Wat Rakhang.
2. Luang Phor Sodh, Wat Paknam.
3. Luang Pu Puak, Wat King Keaw.
4. Luang Phor Chuang, Wat Bang Pae Rok Tai.
5. Luang Pu Rian, Wat Nongbua.
6. Luang Phor Roong, Wat Thakrabue.
7. Phra Palad Taeng Guay, Wat Pradoochimplee.
8. Luang Phor Chong, Wat Natangnok.
9. Luang Phor Nor, Wat Klang Tharua.
10. Luang Phor Samniang, Wat Weruwanaram.
11. Luang Phor Chaeng, Wat Bang Pang.
12. Luang Phor Ha, Wat Don Gai Dee

After the ceremony was over, the amulets were distributed out to everyone whom attended the ceremony.

LP Daeng Wat Kao BanDai It


**** Original and No Repair on Skin ****

LP Daeng Wat Kao BanDai It
Rian Sorng Pee Nong Blok Niyom
Nur Thongdeang BE2512
Come with Samakom Authentic Certificate
Win 4th Prize Chaeng Wattana 29 Apr 61
Hp +6591330138

The monk besides LP Daeng is none other than LP Charoen, the abbot of Wat Thong Nopakhun & also the brother of LP Daeng. The amulets were distributed to those who contributed to the renovation works of Wat Thong Nopakhun. The amulets were blessed by LP Daeng for a period of 1 month at Wat Kao Ban Dai It & was further consecrated in another ceremony conducted at Wat Thong Nopakhun chaired by LP Daeng, LP Charoen, LP Yerm Wat Mai Bang Jark & others monks. During the consecration ceremony, there were many devotees witnessing the event & all heard loud noises which resembled demolition works happening right inside the main hall of the temple. Upon checking, it was found that there were totally no construction works for many miles around.

This rian also made national headlines on many occasions & is believed by many to have saved many lives from severe accidents, firearms related incidents & other life threatening situations which would otherwise prove fatal. It was also mentioned in the past that no fatalities involving car accidents were ever found to be wearing LP Daeng’s amulets.

Phra Kring Naresuan Nur Nawat Loha BE2522


🤩🤩🤩1 of The Greatest Phra Kring 🤩🤩🤩

Super Nice Skin , Red Red

Phra Kring Naresuan Nur Nawat Loha BE2522
Wat Phra Sri Rattana Mahathat (Wat Yai)
Win 1st Prize Chaeng Wattana 2562
Hp +6591330138

Made by Phitsanulok Buddhist Association

Mass Chanted by
Lp Sim WatThamnaphom
Lp Pae Wat Pikultong
Lp Uttama Wat Wang Wiwekaram
Lp Waen Wat Doi Mae Pang
Lp Toh Wat Pradochimplee
Lp Dunn Wat Buraparam
Lp Kasem Wat Susan Sahlahwangthan
Lp Prommachak Wat Phra Phutthabat
Lp Koon Wat Ban Rai
Lp Luang Wat Pa Samran Niwat
Lp Chantra Wat Pa Khao Noi
Lp Phut Wat Pa Salawan
and many more ….

Lp Mee Wat MunVichai


Lp Mee Wat Manwichai
1st Batch Somdej BE2507
Hp +6591330138

Co-blessed together with his master LP Chong Wat Natangnok for 7 days and 7 nights

Phra Somdej Roon Reak (1st batch) of Luangpor Mee was created during the time where master received the title of Phrakru Kasemkanapiaban in B.E. 2507. About 3000 pieces were created at the same time of 1st batch medal and glass-pressed photo (looptai).

Materials used for this batch of Phra Somdej were:
Waan 108 kinds of herbs
Kesorn 108 kinds of pollens
Phong Wiset Ha Prakan (The 5 sacred powder) namely: Patamung, Itijie, Trinisinghe, Maharaj, Puttakun

Most important of all is the “Phong Maha Rak Ruay” which Luangpor Mee made himself for a very long period of time. Phong Maha Rak Ruay is very strong in Maha Sane (Extreme Charm).

Luangpor Mee blessed this batch of Phra Somdej with Gatha Jinabanchon, similar chant where Somdej Toh blessed his Phra Somdej.

This batch of amulets were also brought to Luangpor Jong, Wat Nah Tangnok and Luangpor Sang, Wat Nam Dao for a 7days, 7nights blessing.

There was a legend saying that in the earlier days, those who do cock-fighting were often use this Phra Somdej powder to mix with feeds for the cock to consume to protect them from injuries during fight!

This batch were also blessed in grand ceremony in B.E. 2508 by famous gurus at that era. The ceremony last from dust till dawn with only 5 gurus still in deep meditation. They were:
LP Ann, Wat Phrayat
LP Thiam, Wat Kasatatirat
LP Boon, Wat Bang Krathin
LP Jaw, Wat Pradulokachet
LP Mee, Wat ManWichai

Luangpor Mee were also in times brought the Phra Somdej for blessing in other ceremonies whenever he could.

The batch of amulets created in B.E. 2507 were well-known for:
Rian (medal) 1st batch: Kongrapan, Looptai: Maha Ud, Phra Somdej: Metta, Kakai (sales) especially on Maha Sane (extreme charm).The Reason for keeping this batch of amulets to the ceiling of the temple’s chapel.
Sometimes around B.E. 2512, rumour has it that of several instances that men were using “grounded powder” of the Phra Somdej amulet and feed it to women (casting love spell) to make the women fell in love with them. When LP Mee heard about it, he ordered that all the remaining amulets (about 2000 pieces) together with Looptai 1st Batch to be kept in ceiling of the chapel to prevent others from obtaining this Phra Somdej to commit sin.

According to his master LP Pan’s teaching, he had encouraged his lay followers to following strictly to the five percepts. As such, LP Mee said; The amulets he created were all properly blessed and shall be worn by the “right people” (person with good intent) in order to cultivate goodness and not to be used to commit sin as it will only generate bad karma instead



Lp SangWan Wat Thung Samakkhi Tham
1st Batch Phra Puttho Pim Sa La Pao BE2526
Hp +6591330138

Lp SangWan Khemako ( BE2459 – BE2547 )
Wat Thung SamakkhiTham

A highly Respected Phra Kammatthana
( forest tradtion ) master of Suphanburi Province
Who spend most of his life practising in seclusion , soending nearly 6 years in cemetery

Lp SangWan was also praised by Luang Ta Maha Bua for his achievements ( widely believed to have attained Arahantship ) and compared him as Phra Thongkam~ Golden Monk.

Lp SangWan han since passed away in BE2547 leaving behind legacy of his great teaching which benefit many lives.

His body , without any sign of decay was also housed in the temple for devotees to worship .

Phra Phttho 1st Batch
During this time when Wat Thung SamakkhiTham was under construction , Lp SangWan and his disciple decided to made amulets as Dharma gifts to those who came forward to help. He then consulted one of his close pal , Lp Suwan of Wat Awut , a close disciple of Khun Mae Boonruen .

Lp SangWan was tasked to created the amulets , there were many different phims , such as large , middle and small pim were created in BE2526

The ingredients included in this batch of amulets were considerably one of the most scared which consisted of :
1. Sacred clay collected from a pond of Wat Khao Sarapatdee , which were discovered to have emitted strong aura by Lp SangWan during his meditation.

2.Sila Nam ~ Holy pebbles of Khun Mae Boonruen use for curing illness & prevent diseases .
* Place in water , make a wsh and will be as good as holy water blessed by Khun Mae.

3. Kao Dot Phra Ruang ~ Mineral stone which processes the power to reflects negative energy and prevent harm which Khun Mae Boonruen was able to sense.

4. Khun Mae Boonruen’s ashes
which were kept in the altar of Lp SangWan

5. Broken pieces ( about 2 big buckets ) of Phra Puttho BE2494 from Phra Thep Mettaakon, the abbot of Wat Awut
* Khun Mae Boonruen ever mentioned that Phra Puttho only need to be blessed by her once , even if crash and remade , the effects remains the same.

6. Holy Water blessed by Khun Mae Boonruen from Lp Suwan .

7. Blessed talcum powder of Lp Buddha Tawaro
Arahant from Singburi Province
The talcum powder were donated to Lp Buddha by devotees when he was alive , it was for his condition of skin irritation .

Many had experienced the good effects from wearing Phra Puttho of his batch as it comprises Baramee ( merits ) from at least 3 of the most well respected practitioners whom many believed to have attained enlightened .

It would be a great fortune and blessing to own a piece of this Phra Puttho irregardless of wearing or keeping at one’s dwelling for generating positive energy.

Lp Yim Wat Hua Khao


Lp Yim Wat Hua Khao
Phra Pong Dam Pim Samati BE247X
Win All In Samakom Contest
1st Prize , 2nd Prize & 3rd Prize
Hp +6591330138

Lp Yim of Wat Hua Khao , one of the famous guru of supanburi province .

Lp Yim was a Phra Tudong ( forest dwelling monk ) before arriving in Ban Hua Khao village and found it suitable for his practise. As he was also well-liked by the locals and hence , they invited him to stay and started building a temple there.

During the time before WWII, Lp Yimwas one of only 3 monks who was qualified to teach Vipassana Kammathana practise .

Due to his high level of practise , he was highly respected by many fellow monks and disciple .

Lp Parn of Wat Bang Nom Koh once discribed Lp Yim Chedi ( Pagoda ) , great importance to follow Buddhist for his wide knowledge on Buddhism.

He was also close disciple of the legendary monk, Luang Pu Suk of Wat Makham Tao and also teacher to some of the famous names

Lp Mui Wat Don Rai
Lp Pui Wat koh
Lp Kek Wat Hua Khao
Lp Song Wat Saladin
Lp Kuay Wat Kositaram

During his life , he had made numerous types of amulet eg ;

1. Phra Pong Dam
( Black coloured powder made from burnt scriptures )

2. Phra Lor Bolan
( Brass base mixed alloy )

3. Phra Nur Din ( Soil )

4. Krueng Lang
( Scared objects eg ; Takrut or Ring )

Amulets and sacred objects created by Lp Yim was very popular for both it spiritual and historical value . Many of them were handmade by the local craftsmen especially Phra Lor Bolan.

Using ancient pour – moulding technique , Phra Lor Bolan were created by firstly making the wax images and covered it with clay mixtures.

Miracles of Lp Yim
Luang Pu Yim was ever witnessed by some of his followers walk in the rain without getting wet , strectching out his hand touching temple’s roof , some follower ever bought his amulets to other great gurus for extra blessing but non would want to rebless them after knew it is from Lp Yim.